7 Dank Halloween-Themed Bongs

Check out these Halloweed bongs.
7 Dank Halloween-Themed Bongs
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It’s October, that means people are getting into the Halloween spirit. And apparently, we’re not alone. Now, bongs are getting dressed up to be scary too. Witch DR is one of the sickest glass galleries in the world, and they recently put on a group “Friday the 13th” Show. Some of the best glassblowers in the game fired up their torches to make some of the most sinister Halloween-themed bongs we’ve ever seen. Check out the seven best Halloween-themed bongs of 2017.

7. Witches Plunder

By @amanisummerday & @boregonglass

Amani Summerday is a glass artist who makes functional sculptures that give off Native American vibes. Mateo Gonzalez collaborated with Amani to make a creepy witch hat, spoon and cauldron that can all be used to get high.

The hat is decked out with a pentagram and patterns that look like they were scratched on by a witch’s nail. Amani Summerday strayed from his signature multi-colored tribal sandblasting for a darker, more fitting look. Gonzalez’ cold work on the spoon gives it the appearance of a really old wooden witch’s spoon.

The hat is a fully functioning water pipe. The cauldron can be used for Q-tips, and the spoon is great for picking up dabs or stirring up some wicked sauce. Halloween-themed bongs are one thing but this whole set perfectly matches the theme.

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