When looking for a portable vaporizer one of the key ingredients is a quartz base. The new Dabox from Vivant has exactly that.

The box is built up around an interchangeable coil system, and the coils are all quartz. This is what makes the Dabox so unique—its quartz based coil system. This means that every hit will have that clean taste that dabbers are used to from their quartz nail.

The vaporizer comes with three types of interchangeable coils, all of which provide different vaping temperatures, allowing you to perfectly dial in the flavor of your concentrate. This makes it perfect for budder, shatter and even rosin, which requires an even lower temp.

The Dabox has a glass chamber, which also avoids that plastic flavor most other portable vaporizers have. The glass chamber also reflects an LED light that indicates the battery life of the unit. The battery is a large format one, meaning you can carry a charge a lot longer and have many more dabs on the go.

The unit is sleek and discreet, making a perfect device to have with you on holiday where carrying a torch and rig might be prohibitive.

The most unique feature is their patent pending Flip Door. This door allows you to quickly load material on the go. It also allows easy access to the interchangeable coils. This makes the unit super easy to clean and super easy to load. The Dabox retails for $59.99 and can be purchased on their website www.vivant.com

The company Vivant, the inventor of the Dabox, is a California company based in Orange County. They also have a flower vaporizer called the Alternate, which is an amazing way to enjoy the full terpene profile of your flowers.

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