High Horoscopes | Jan. 19, 2017

The HIGH TIMES weekly astrological forecast, complete with strain recommendations!

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You’ve been rockin’ life pretty hard this week, just killin’ it at work and play. It might not feel like home runs and fireworks cause you’re still shell shocked from those preceding downer days, but believe me, you’re a star this week my dear. So what to do with all this newfound wonderfulness? If you can get your head around the fact that your flow is now going upstream, maybe you could let your vibes follow suit? How about lightening up and getting back to basics? Do some nesting and redecorate your space, have a few dance party breaks and celebrate with chocolate cake and Dalmatian snuggles. The cosmos prescribes as much of whatever you want as long as it is healthy for your soul. Strain recommendation: Cuvee


A halo of sunshine has replaced your top hat of gloom. Summer has arrived mid-January, and your smiles are contagious. What was missing has returned! Oh glory be, how wonderful it is! Yes, it’s true, the tides have changed and all you need to do to keep this trend up is change along with them. Just don’t bring the old you to the party; invite a fresh perspective; excited, active and connected to those you love. You have an opportunity to alter a tired dynamic with your significant other, to appreciate them properly and be adored in return. Let this warm wind embrace you both! Strain recommendation: Sunshine


Those videos of sweet animals who have been found in terrible condition, abused or neglected, and then rescued, healed and adopted are some of the most popular on the web. Stories of vulnerable souls being saved remind us that compassion has power, and love is universal. You could be either the kitten or the ASPCA this week. If you are feeling susceptible to the dark forces, please let yourself be reinvigorated by a kind stranger with no motives ulterior to offering care. If you are in a healthy state, keep your eyes peeled for the little frightened puppies hiding within the hearts of those around you. Remember; caring and being cared for are two sides of the same coin. Strain Recommendation: Super Sweet


Writer’s block is incredibly frustrating. Insomnia can drive you up the wall. Sexual dysfunction leaves you feeling desperately unfulfilled. Blockages can pop up in all aspects of your life, and no matter the context, they all come from the same source—you. You have put up a wall between yourself and the relief that comes from flow. Why do you feel the need to control this experience? What are you trying to protect by clamping down? There are many things we can do to release a block; you can approach it physically or emotionally, spiritually or mentally, but until you face the reasons why you do it, you will be doomed to repeat it. Strain recommendation: Red-Headed Stranger


One of the harder things to do in this life is to let go. Most struggle with this at some point; the death of someone close, the end of an important relationship, an unwanted change in lifestyle. Unfortunately simply knowing you need to move on isn’t enough to make it happen. Getting stuck is pretty common because it is comfortable at first: it feels right to stop, to not run the rat race anymore, to be still, to grieve.  It hurts but it is a known quantity and that is needed when you have been thrust into the unknown. However, your fear and the avoided life can build like a wave, ready to topple down upon us. Instead of trying to hold it back with nothing but your human hands, why not dive into it and hold your breath until you come up the other side. Strain recommendation: Red Dragon


Two ladies who were important to my childhood passed away this year; my godmother and the woman who cared for me when my parents were working. Though very different kinds of people from far apart cultures, they shared the qualities of strength, modesty and deep generosity. I wasn’t aware of even half of their amazing accomplishments until their funerals. This is for two reasons: firstly, their humility kept their praises somewhat unsung, and secondly, I mainly spent time with them as a child. Being young I forgot that their lives existed before mine. As kids we see only through our own perspective. We need to be self focused in those early years to learn how to survive. You could use a little time inside that childlike bubble before you do your own form of mourning this week. Some soft inner reflection should help ease any grief by allowing you to see the ones you’ve lost within yourself. Strain recommendation: Blue Dream


Dr. Seuss said “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”  Dr. Seuss is not my usual go-to source for love quotes but damn if he ain’t right. The crazy hormonal cocktail sloshing through your body when you first fall for that special someone is intense. So when it burns off and the sleep returns, does that mean the love has lessened? No, in fact, if you can weather the shift, you will find the real stuff kicking in then: the love, not just the thrill of the fall. Don’t be discouraged just because your heart doesn’t pump as hard and your pupils don’t dilate as widely; now you get to feel security and the deep closeness of truly knowing and caring for another person. If you aren’t in love, this can apply to any new passion of yours. Strain recommendation: Chronic


You are a difficult bunny to catch. You hop every which way without any discernible pattern. Heading North: you are nature bunny, ready to canoe to a yurt. South: you are an ambitious career driven hare. West: a fun time lover and gossipy gal pal bun-bun. East: a loving and generous rabbit of the people, fighter for justice and caring friend. No matter which way you go, you are hoppin’ full tilt. Each of your directions are super fluffy but sometimes you need to just sit in that crosshair—in the middle of the compass rose—and be a little less of each extreme. There you can retain a little bit of everything and the peace of nothingness. That resting rabbit, is you too. Give it a little pet between the ears from time to time. Strain recommendation: White Rhino


Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” You don’t usually have problems being yourself but lately there is a touch of the sad deer in your doe eyes. You’ve lost a little confidence due to some personal blows, and this is pulling your persona back, into yourself. You’re hiding until you can make sense of the world again. Sadly, your personality is precisely what would help you get through this patch of turmoil. Being exactly who you are is how you shine so brightly, and without that, you won’t receive reciprocal energy, which is what keeps you spritely. Try to lure your antelope out for a walk, even for just a little sprint in the woods: it’ll do you some good to stretch those spindly legs out. Strain recommendation: Lemon G


Did you drop that resolution before January finished? Have you given up on that dream before even trying? When did you start believing it was all over and you might as well give up? That doesn’t sound very Capricorn to me. It’s time to sharpen up your horns and give life a good ol’ bump in the tuchus. Sure you can jump up on a few mountains to get a look at what’s around before picking a direction, but make no mistake, a choice has to be made and you will be running headfirst at some butt very soon. So, since you know what’s to come, why not focus on right now? Do what you can to prepare for the journey. Strain recommendation: Ambrosia


Routine is not your favorite state of affairs. In fact, when life becomes too predictable you start looking for trouble. You become Goldilocks: unhappy and fussy about every interaction. If there is someone who generally rubs you the wrong way, you will find them unbearable in these times. Each glance or word becomes an offense; too much this or not enough that, never that perfect in-between. The cosmos recommend compassion now, for those who drive you around the bend, and for yourself. Allow some kindness to seep through those golden locks into that beautiful mind of yours. Once you can understand the need for it, it should filter down to your heart. Strain recommendation: Superglue


Exciting life changes, new people, career opportunities: finally some fun for Pisces after such a hard 2016! The cosmos are letting your karma equilibrate. You seem to be getting your groove back quite well too, you’re no slouch, jumping back in the saddle like a pro. All around good news; the only caveat being that a few of Les Miserables you left behind are a little jealous. If one of them tries to lure you into a skirmish, don’t take the bait. Step back and see that them fightin’ words are coming from that sad place where you left them. You needn’t give them your pity, but perhaps in recognizing your past self in their actions, you will find the understanding you need to love them from afar. Strain recommendation: Blueberry Muffins

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