High Times How To: The Best Joint Filter

Growing up amongst one of the richest joint-cultures in the world, right in the heart of Madrid, there were a few well-established methods for crutching a joint. If it wasn’t with a section of a cigarette itself, it was just a random piece of cardboard that you rolled up with. Most people roll the cardboard in a spiral; while others intricately fold it so it remains snug in the paper like an accordion, or a combination of both.

We’re not sure where it first originated, perhaps in Spain or perhaps in Poland, but arguably the simplest, most biodegradable and flavor enhancing joint filter was conceived by some ingenious stoner, and now it’s being used around certain circles (that I know of) in Madrid. The fusilli, or spiral macaroni, will never make you want to see a piece of cardboard again. The way the smoke spirals around the pasta has no rival, and it’s hard to imagine it could be replaced by anything; they already make it by the ton.

Just make sure to get the thinner fusilli, depending on how wide you want your joints that is. All you need to do is break it off so it’s straight and has the right length and you can get to smoking!

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