9 Ways To Incorporate Weed Into Your Personal Aesthetic

It’s not just about clothes, accessories and cool gadgets.
9 Ways To Incorporate Weed Into Your Personal Aesthetic

There’s toking up and then there’s making pot part of who you are. Looking to extend your appreciation for the herb beyond the smoking sesh? Look no further than our official High Times guide on how to incorporate weed into your personal aesthetic.

Remember that an aesthetic isn’t just based on what or who you wear. Your decor, your weeknight wind down, your social media … these are all aspects of your aesthetic. This means that there are endless ways to make your life a little more 420-friendly. Here are some of our favorite ways to show our love for our favorite plant.

Express Yourself Through High Fashion

9 Ways To Incorporate Weed Into Your Personal Aesthetic

In every sense of the term. Today, high fashion is in the midst of a passionate love affair with marijuana. So take a page from Rihanna’s playbook and make weed a fashion statement.

Options abound when it comes to runway-ready 420 fashion. Check out Alexander Wang’s marijuana-themed collection, The Elder Statesman’s cashmere marijuana-themed sweaters, or Palm Angels’ golden ganja leaf loafers.

From Rihanna to Hugh Hefner, marijuana counts some major fashion icons amongst its most staunch supporters.

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