King Krule On Weed, Sunrises and His New Album ‘The Ooz’

King Krule On Weed, Sunrises and His New Album 'The Ooz'

Archy Marshall, AKA King Krule, stopped by the High Times offices to talk about his new album The Ooz, out today. Marshall appreciates the weed scene in Southern California—a long way from his home in South London, where the 23-year-old artist creates lush, darkly layered music that transcends genres—punk, jazz, darkwave, trip-hop—and defies description. On his travels to California, Marshall enjoys the good ganja and trips to Joshua Tree—although he dubs the desert sunrise “cheesy.”

King Krule’s ‘The Ooz’

The Ooz is King Krule’s second studio album. The first, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, was released when Marshall was 19 years old, and garnered him the weighty “voice of a generation” title from some journalists, plus accolades from Beyoncé and a cover by Willow Smith, to name a couple of his celebrity fans. Follow-up The Ooz is a dreamlike, disorienting record, akin to a ramble through a darkened warehouse after an all-night party. Edges and bumps and stumbles and mournful yawps are threaded into King Krule’s bemused look at life—with plenty of aching, sweet moments as well.

Look for our feature on King Krule in the February 2018 issue of High TimesThe Ooz is out on True Panther Sounds October 13, 2017.

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