‘Lady Buds’ Cannabis Documentary Inspires Two New Projects

Keep an eye out for a scripted feature adaptation and a non-scripted series spinoff of the documentary, ‘Lady Buds.’
Lady Buds
Courtesy of Lady Buds

Lady Buds is a 2021 film that looks deep into the lives of six diverse women in the cannabis industry, and the victories and challenges they have endured as entrepreneurs and members of the community. On February 23, it was announced on Deadline that Lady Buds’ success has inspired two more film projects.

The first project is being produced by Hellcat as a cannabis-related comedy feature, which has been compared to the 2011 film Bridesmaids. Hellcat was founded in 2020 by Pippa Lambert, whose resume also includes roles at Endeavor Content, WME, ICM Partners, and more.

“Women may not be the face of cannabis, but they’ve always been the backbone of the culture. Before legalization, 36 percent of leadership roles in the industry were held by women, and that number is now 22 percent,” Lambert said of the project. “These growers are as dynamic as they are diverse, and they’re truly inspiring. I’m thrilled to be bringing their story, a true and still unfolding David and Goliath tale for our times, to life on the big screen.”

The second project is a non-scripted cannabis series helmed by Wally Eltawashy for Yoruba Media Labs. This particular project focuses on one of Lady Buds’ featured women, Sue Taylor aka “Mama Sue,” in her daily life as a cannabis business owner, providing cannabis access to seniors and promoting her wellness groups.

Lady Buds was released in select theaters in November 2021, but the film will be available on Starz starting March 1. Director Chris J. Russo, the film’s director, shared her excitement for these new projects on social media. “I couldn’t be happier to know that my film Lady Buds is inspiring adaptations that will allow me to continue to support and tell the stories of these courageous, pioneering women,” said Russo. “Along with the exciting acquisition by Starz, which is the perfect home to showcase this film that explores women empowerment and social justice, it’s all a dream come true.”

The Lady Buds Instagram page also gave a shout out to the Lady Buds film team on February 24 for helping to create something that has inspired more female-centric cannabis content:

“It is a very big news day at Lady Buds HQ! I’m deeply grateful to the entire LADY BUDS TEAM who made this film what it is and who continue to push along its storytelling!!!,” the post states. “Thank you Producing partner Michael J. Katz, Cinematographer/Producer Christian Bruno and Exec Producer Shauna Harden for giving so much of yourself to the film and to the cause. Thank you to the incredible, courageous women in the film who shared their stories and believed in the vision!!! Here’s to all of the future “Lady Buds”-inspired stories we will be creating!”

Lady Buds explored a diverse cast of women in the cannabis industry, including Sue Taylor, Chiah Rodriques, Felicia Carbajal, Karyn Wagner and The Bud Sisters (Pearl Moon and Dr. Joyce Centofanti). Each of their stories challenges the general stoner stigma, as well as their roles as women in a male-dominated industry. According to an exclusive interview with High Times, Russo explained the importance of Lady Buds in the world of cannabis. “This film is kind of nothing like you’ve ever seen before because there hasn’t ever really been a film that’s showed such a wide range of areas that’s just like seeing it through a female lens,” Russo told High Times. “In my film, you explore the challenges of the entire supply chain with the women who are directly engaged in it. I like to make films that I want to see, so I want see more women in the positions of power in roles that are very positive.”

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