The Top 11 Most Divisive Issues Among Weed Smokers

Even when you look at the most divisive issues among weed smokers, it’s heartening to see a group of people who are so passionate about a common issue.
The Top 11 Most Divisive Issues Among Weed Smokers

The world of cannabis is so much larger, diverse, active, and dynamic than the worn-out, stereotypical image of lazy stoners sitting on the couch all day. In fact, there’s so much going on in cannabis culture that weed smokers actually have disagreements on all sorts of things. Fortunately, if a disagreement arises between weed smokers there’s always a quick antidote on hand: a few puffs and everyone’s feeling better. In any case, here are the 11 most divisive issues among weed smokers.

11. What About All These New Weed Products?

The Top 11 Most Divisive Issues Among Weed Smokers

The age of legal weed is opening up a world of weed products beyond your stoner grandparents’ wildest dreams. A dizzying number of strains, super pure bud, dabs, THC cartridges, vaporizers, tinctures, weed soda, edibles, THC patches, lotions, even weed-infused lube.

The endless stream of new weed products constantly being created and sold in dispensaries is exciting for some weed smokers, but spells doom for others.

More specifically, for some hardcore traditionalists, all these new products and methods for consuming weed are a sad move away from the pure and classic experience of grinding some bud, packing a bowl, and sparking up.

On the other hand, fans of what the legal industry is producing tend to celebrate new products as a way to make the wonders of weed more accessible to a larger audience than ever before.


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