12 Reasons Willie Nelson Would Be the Ultimate Smoking Buddy

The legend himself recently turned 82, and we’re lighting one up in his honor. And we can’t help but wonder what it would be like to smoke with the Red-Headed Stranger. Here’s our take…

Here’s 12 reasons why Willie Nelson would be the ultimate smoking buddy:

1. He’s creating his own brand of weed.

The musician recently let slip that he’s developing his own ganja brand called Willie’s Reserve, and he’s committed to supporting small, environmentally-sensitive farmers. That sounds like some bud we could all bond over.

2. And he’s opening up his own pot shops to match.

Oh yeah, Willie’s Reserve intends to be the Whole Foods of cannabis with retail stores, product lines, vapes and in-house strains all reportedly part of the package. Not only would our smoking buddy be flush with socially responsible ganja, but he’d also be rolling in some sustainable rolling papers as well!

3. He’s always got the perfect playlist.

Although he’s most well-known for his outlaw country hits, Willie’s extensive discography has something for every stoner. He’s explored reggae, jazz, blues and gospel. He’s collaborated with artists as diverse as Snoop Dogg, Julio Iglesias and (well, not an artist… but still!) former First Lady Rosalynn Carter. And he’s recorded over 60 studio albums in the past 59 years—that’s a whole lot of music, so pass the Mary Jane.

4. He has rolled a joint in the White House.

And then he smoked it on the roof! If that doesn’t scream “baller,” then nothing does. You know sparking up with Willie would mean lots of great stories and even greater shenanigans.

5. He has proven that he’s not afraid of “The Man.”

Willie has never backed down in his support for marijuana. Even after several arrests for marijuana possession, he has remained one of the strongest and most vocal advocates for the repeal of prohibition. In fact, in 2007, Willie decided to risk jail time and appeared on the cover of High Times holding some big buds, while still on probation. Talk about a badass smoking buddy with real conviction!

6. He literally kicks ass.

And he can literally kick ass too? Yes, yes he can. Willie celebrated his birthday last year by receiving a fifth-degree black belt in the martial art of Gong Kwon Yu Sul. He’s explained in interviews that weed helps control his temper, but we’re pretty sure that if trouble was to arise during a smoking sesh, Willie would have our backs.

7. He’s known for being generous with his stash.

See, here he is sharing his joint with John Belushi after his first appearance on Saturday Night Live in 1970. And it’s definitely not the only time Willie has smoked out some peeps. He’s even invited Maureen Dowd to get stoned on his bus anytime. We’d be down just to experience the tour bus, hot box contact high!

8. He’s got your munchies covered.

Sure, he now lives in Hawaii (oh, think of all the pineapple!), but Willie comes from Texas, and while Texas might have a lot of problems, one thing that state has going for it is the food. In 2002, Willie became the spokesman for Texas Roadhouse, so even if he’s not making the snacks, he’s still got a pretty big hookup for munchies.

9. He will ensure your smoke sesh is eco-friendly.

Did you know that Willie has a biodiesel company called Willie Nelson Biodiesel that makes fuel from vegetable oil that can be burned in diesel engines? That’s just on top of everything else he does. No biggie. He could remind us how to smoke sustainably.

10. He’s got plenty of weedy watchables ready to stream.

Willie has appeared in over 30 movies and TV shows, and we want to get high with him and watch them all. His film debut was in 1979 with the movie The Electric Horesman, and he went on to act in stoner favorites such as Half Baked, The Simpsons and King of the Hill. We’d definitely be OK curling up with our new smoking buddy, some dank green and his Netflix queue.

11. He knows exactly where you can and can’t smoke.

As a prominent marijuana activist, Willie is member of NORML’s advisory board and founded a political organization known as the Teapot Party to advocate for cannabis legalization. In these roles, he has to be well-versed on the law of the land, so he’d be able to tell where to toke without getting arrested.

12. He gives everyone all kinds of feels… even Snoop Dogg.

Just the mere thought of being smoking buddies with Willie Nelson gets us all tingly inside, and we’re not the only ones. Snoop Dogg recently dished on getting high with Willie and described it as “one of the greatest moments in my life.” So, yeah, holler at us, Willie. We’ll even bring all the Willie’s Reserve products to your 83rd birthday!

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