Exclusive Premiere: Brant Bjork’s Black Flower Power

When it comes to the desert/stoner rock scene, few musicians have left a bigger mark than Brant Bjork. First in the late ’80s-early ’90s, he was the founding drummer (and songwriter) of molten rock cult favorites Kyuss. Then in 1997, he joined the boogie-punk band Fu Manchu, helping to produce their most definitive albums before departing in 2001. He also played in the short-lived side project Ché in 2000. More recently, he rejoined former Kyuss bandmates John Garcia and Nick Oliveri on the Kyuss Lives! reunion tour, followed by an album of all new material under the moniker Vista Chino. In addition, he’s also started his own labels (El Camino & Duna Records), produced albums for fellow desert rockers like LAB, Fatso Jetson, Fu Manchu and Mondo Generator, as well as stepping out from behind the drum kit and into the spotlight by putting out five solo albums as a singer/guitarist. The latest of these, featuring his new group the Low Desert Punk Band, is Black Flower Power (Napalm Records).

Artfully blending stoner rock, blues and desert doom through the filter of psychedelic effect pedals, brother Bjork whips up a feverishly hazy brew of jammin’ tunes on par with anything he’s done prior. And lest there be any confusion about what fuels his motivation and inspiration, the album cover prominently displays the leaf we all love so much. The album officially drops this Monday November 17th, but you can stream the whole album for free right now — exclusively on High Times!

Black Power Flower is available for purchase on iTunes or Amazon.

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