Premiere: Kids in Despair’s The Bong Song

Canadian brother and sister act Kids in Despair (K.I.D.) have been sizzling since they dropped their debut track “I Wish I Was Your Cigarette” last November, and now they are giving ganja some love. The recently released a song called “Stoned On The School Bus,” and High Times has the exclusive on their latest track “The Bong Song.”

“We like taking our experiences with cannabis and working them into the narratives of our songs,” Bobby and Kara said. “Most of the time when you hear pot sung about in a pop song, or a hip-hop song, it’s being talked about like a party drug. We talk about the drug from the perspective of someone who’s maybe self-medicating, despair-ridden, melancholic. It’s interesting to take those gloomier perspectives and filter them through the parts of our brains that know how to structure a catchy record.

“We love smoking the bong and listening to our demos after we’ve finished tracking them,” they continued. “It lets us experience the music on a more sensory level, enjoying all the nuances and textures. When we’re sober and listening to our songs, we’re obviously thinking critically, maybe over-thinking, which can hinder one’s ability to really bask in the feeling of a record.”

You don’t have to be stoned to enjoy “The Bong Song,” but it surely doesn’t hurt. So, break out the bud, light up and check out Kids in Despair’s new video.

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