Problem Unveils ‘106 & Spark’ Show with Spoon and The Cannabis Cutie

Catch episodes of 106 & Spark featuring cannabis personalities Spoon and The Cannabis Cutie as hosts, streaming on ALTRD.TV.

106 & Spark is a new 20-minute countdown entertainment talk show that covers the many facets of music with celebrity interviews, coverage of pop culture trends, cannabis education, entertainment tid-bits, and popular Black culture. The show recently launched exclusively on ALTRD.TV, streaming into households everywhere. 

It’s executive produced by Grammy Award-nominated hip-hop artist Problem, aka Jason L. Martin, and hosted by social media personality Tammy “The Cannabis Cutie” Pettigrew and emerging artist Spoon, aka Sean Chris Spooner.

106 & Spark puts a fresh spin on the countdown format, and its debut season features a broad mix of celebrity appearances, surprise studio visits, and countdowns, often tailored for the cannabis space. 

“I want to tackle what’s next and what’s now,” Problem told High Times. “It will be an opportunity to know what’s hot, and we can tell them what’s hot. We learn things all the time. Those are not scripted; Those are not anything we’re reading from. Just hard facts. We have Spoon putting on the fly shit and letting everyone know. And not just for people who engage in cannabis all day.” 

Courtesy of 106 & Spark

The show hosts aren’t limiting themselves to big names only in both music and cannabis. “I want to really broaden the horizon of what the world of cannabis is,” Problem added. “I think that there’s so many misconceptions about stoners.” 

Problem appeared on 106 & Park several times, which helped him learn the business of the industry, learning about slots and advertising costs. It ended up being a great learning experience for the rapper. 

He wants to include artists who are challenging the norm instead of mindlessly churning out mediocre material. “Just like how using cannabis and growing cannabis is starting to be—for lack of better words—gentrified,” Problem said. “It’s starting to become a big, big business. And it’s kind of like the same thing that happened to hip-hop. I’m trying to get control of it early, and not allowing the new corporates to tell us what it is. We’re just going to grab the mic now and tell y’all what’s cool and what’s not—what to do and what not to do.”

Problem said that MTV was the first playlist, and that’s close to the magic he hopes the show will bring. “I think the fact that now we can just watch what we want and listen to something we want—it loses value,” he said. “I think people are actually getting tired of that.”

He explained that it’s one thing to want access to everything at your fingertips, but that eventually dilutes the integrity of music.

“That’s a big point of the show,” Problem said. “We want to have music. I want to have all the dope things that I had on 106 & Park. You know what I’m saying? We used to wake up in the morning and go see what’s going to be on the Top 10 this morning. What does Bow Wow have going on? What [are] Free and A.J. gonna have on? What guests are going to come on? … It’s the same format.”

Coffee & Kush is coming, Problem said, and it will cover every aspect of cannabis—from music to shows and opening up consumption lounges, but revolve around music. 

Courtesy of 106 & Spark

106 & Spark Co-Hosts Chime In

Pettigrew immerses herself in the art of debunking myths about cannabis and creating change. In 2020, she founded Cannabis Cutie Education to provide accessible, engaging cannabis education online. 

As co-host of 106 & Spark, she explores the facets of the cannabis industry, big and small. Viewers can stream the show at, as all six episodes are available on that platform. Find it on AppleTV, Roku, Samsung, Google Play, PlexTV, and more.

“We definitely touch on many topics as to what’s happening with the weed industry,” Pettigrew told High Times. “But [this] year, we’re keeping it cannabis, education, music, entertainment, but you also have to be cognizant that there’s an entire culture and subset of people in this space who are negatively impacted by cannabis.”

Pettigrew said that they will touch on the cannabis industry, but with a focus on entertainment “We touch on how there’s a lot of people sitting in prison for cannabis charges while people are profiting off this industry,” she said. “We definitely bring attention to factors that are happening in the industry.”

“Coffee & Kush is a lifestyle,” Spoon, who hails from North Carolina, told High Times. “To touch on what Problem said, it stems from the music, and we started creating it a few years back. And then, we actually got to go on tour in Europe, and visit the coffeehouses in Amsterdam. From there, he was like, ‘This is what we need in America.’ So, the vision was born from there. We’re building that now.”

Spoon is now a part owner and president of the Coffee & Kush brand, and he’s also working on his first studio rap album—with a bit of assistance from Problem.  

The show featured the recurring “Music Video of the Week” segment, showcasing videos including Problem’s hit song “4 The Low” with Wiz Khalifa, to Kaytranada’s latest single “Look Easy” with Lucky Daye. 

Each episode also includes a weekly “Top 5” countdown series where Tammy and Sean countdown the best of cannabis culture, which includes exploring strains, products, and brands. 

“That gives us the chance to put the spotlight on artists and music videos that maybe a lot of people haven’t seen,” Spoon said. “Videos that we find to be really dope. Not the typical stuff that’s played on the radio every day. That gives us a chance to show the viewers a different side of the art.”

“You also need to watch it high,” Problem added.

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