Roseanne Barr Opening a Pot Dispensary in Santa Ana

Comedy icon and outspoken medical marijuana user Roseanne Barr is joining the cannabis industry. 

According to the Orange County Register, Barr will be an investor and have a licensing agreement with one of the 20 dispensaries that won a city lottery last year, allowing it to operate in Santa Ana, California. The pot shop will be called Roseanne's Joint and will feature Barr's unique pot strains and products—including pot-laced, chocolate-covered macadamia nuts grown on her Hawaii farm. 

“I’m proud to be a cultural pioneer at the forefront of another wave of progress! And we’re proud of the city of Santa Ana as we continue to move into the era of recognizing cannabis as the natural, therapeutic, herbal substance medical science has proven it to be,” Barr said in a statement. “Roseanne’s Joint will be a responsible, contributing member of, and addition to, the community.”

Aaron Herzberg, Barr's business partner in the venture, said that the actress will make occasional appearances at the dispensary.

“We think it will bring credibility and a good name and frankly, good values,” Herzberg said. “But we also hope that it will create within the community a sense that marijuana is here to stay in California, that it’s getting legitimized and that serious names are coming to the table.”

Barr, who ran for president in 2012 with the slogan "Yes We Cannabis," is by far not the first celebrity rushing to join the booming marijuana market. Just last week, Woody Harrelson announced that he had applied to sell marijuana in Hawaii, and Wiz Khalifa announced an exclusive new Khalifa Kush cannabis line. 

(Photo Courtesy of Salon)

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