SF’s Latest Innovation: A Weed of the Month Club

There has been a lot of controversy lately over people sending pot through the mail, which is a violation of federal law. This, of course, has prevented exceptionally interesting concepts like “Weed of the Month” clubs from realizing their full potential. However, one San Francisco-based business has found a solution to providing a monthly marijuana subscription box service by simply having its cannabis selections hand-delivered to the doors of stoners all across the city.

The company is called Marvina, which is a cannabis club that essentially provides patients holding a medical marijuana recommendation with a strain selection of the month. Just think Birchbox meets FTD flower delivery, and you will have a relatively decent grasp of what this company is attempting to accomplish.

Although the idea of having monthly samples of some of the finest cannabis strains on the market delivered directly to your home may seem a bit bizarre at first, Marvina suggests their club for cannabis connoisseurs is no different than a wine club, or a hot sauce of the month club. Yet, we wouldn’t count on the contents of these packages setting Clark Griswold on a wild-eyed rampage for being screwed out of his Christmas bonus.

The way it works is subscribers go online and select between sativa and indica, as well as a stash amount, which are priced between $95 to $325. Marvina co-founder Dane Pieri says the club is an excellent way for people who get overwhelmed easily in the dispensaries to sample a variety of strains, so they can make well-informed purchases further down the road. He recently told Ozy that the goal of the service was not to turn people into stoners, but to provide a service that caters to the stoner class. “People who use cannabis have pretty predictable usage patterns every month,” he said.

Although the service does not use the mail to deliver cannabis, there are still some concerns over the legality of the venture. Yet, Pieri claims the company has consulted with their attorneys and is in full compliance with the guidelines established by the state of California.


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