Snoop Dogg Tours World’s Largest Marijuana Greenhouse

Photo Courtesy of Tweed

Rocking his own Leafs by Snoop lab coat, a Tweed hat and his usual bling, the world’s most renowned cannabis connoisseur paid a visit to the world’s largest medical marijuana greenhouse.

Snoop wanted to check out the buds growing at this 350,000-square-foot greenhouse in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada.

“Snoop did a tour to inspect the facility and get a look at the next batches of Leafs By Snoop products that we’re growing out at Tweed Farms,” Tweed director of communications Jordan Sinclair told the website Niagara this Week.

He toured the greenhouse and facility with Tweed officials, including the company’s master grower Kevin Furet.

Tweed, probably the most recognized marijuana production brand in the world, completed its state-of-the art cannabis breeding facility as part of its Smiths Falls, Ontario headquarters.

Tweed and Snoop signed a deal last February that gives Tweed exclusive rights to use certain content and brands owned by Snoop Dogg’s company, LBC Holdings. Tweed announced in October that Leafs by Snoop products will be available in Canada, exclusively to customers registered with Tweed.

The Tweed-Snoop partnership includes working to select and produce cannabis strains that represent the highest quality of flower, expected to meet all types of MMJ needs.

Tweed knew what it was doing when it got involved with Snoop.

“At this stage in his career, Snoop is much more than an artist, entertainer and entrepreneur,” said Mark Zekulin, president of Tweed. “He’s also one of the most trusted voices in cannabis the world over. With this partnership, we’re welcoming a cannabis culture icon into the Canadian industry, and as a true partner of the Tweed team.”

Snoop agrees that he is the cannabis king.

“Like hip-hop, cannabis is as much a lifestyle as it is a culture. Leafs By Snoop is an expression of my experience with that culture over decades on the scene,” Snoop said in a statement.


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