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Since 2013, SOURCEvapes has revolutionized the vape pen. They pioneered the double coil, and invented the quartz coils that are now used by most companies. Earlier this year they partnered with trap music icons Flosstradamus to release the SOURCE orb XL, recently named the “Strongest Vape Pen Ever.”

But you can’t beat the taste, quality and variety of their latest innovation, the new SOURCE orb 4. The sophisticated design and upgraded features easily make this one of the best vape pens on the market, and it has exceeded our expectations in quality and value.

Sleek, Compatible Design

The SOURCE orb 4 focuses on concentrates and waxes, with your choice of nine different wax atomizers, including five new coil-less atomizers and three different double coil atomizers. It’s compatible with all three coil-less atomizers from the SOURCE nail Portable eNail, and vice versa, making interchangeable use flawless. Plus, with its new magnetic lock connection, filling and refilling your wax is a breeze.

The new Stainless Steel 303 construction, is a healthier, durable material and offers a new sleek look, making it hard to compare to last year’s model. Using USA-tested grade 1 and 2 titanium for all of its coils and titanium atomizers, SOURCEvapes is the only company to show their U.S.-based coil composition tests, something that reassures us of the quality of the materials.

Two Models, Tons of Options, Great Value

SOURCE orb 4 has two models, the $99 Premium Kit and the $199 Signature Kit, both of which come with a TON of options.

SOURCE orb 4 Temperature Control Signature Kit
SOURCE orb 4 Temperature Control Signature Kit

The Premium Kit is great if you’re looking for something simple to start off with. It comes with six different atomizers, including three double coil atomizers and a slim variable battery with eight different settings. One of the double coil atomizers is their new Black Ceramic Double Coil, which uses volcanic porous black ceramic to absorb more liquid concentrates and creates an amazing, bold flavor.

The new Quartz SOURCE terra 2 has an all-ceramic plate inside of a quartz chamber for smooth low-temp hits and comes with a grade 2 titanium SOURCE nail coil-less that never wastes wax. Just one of these atomizers would blow most other vaporizer pens out of the water, but SIX total makes this pen an unbeatable value.

SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit
SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit

For the full range of upgrades and a lot more power, try the Signature Kit. It includes the SOURCE volt 40w temperature control battery, the first temperature control battery designed for concentrates, with a full range from 200F to 700F. The battery lets you pump more power into your atomizers, creating bigger clouds and a much fuller flavor on the coil-less. It has all six of the atomizers from the Premium Kit, plus two more: the new SOURCE terra 2 and the Ceramic SOURCE nail coil-less. The SOURCE terra 2 is an all-ceramic chamber, and it gets rid of any problems with leaks. With the bigger battery, full flavor and added power, this kit is well worth the money.

SOURCE orb 4 Sub-Ohm 510 Attachment
SOURCE orb 4 Sub-Ohm 510 Attachment

If you already have your own sub-ohm battery of box mod, you can purchase just the attachment for $49, including four different atomizers: 1 Gr2 Ti SOURCE nail coil-less and three different double coil atomizers.

If you enjoy wax and want to experience true taste, there is no better dab pen for you than the SOURCE orb 4.

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