Stoner Mom Fashion For Caregivers Who Want That Extra Sparkle In Their Wardrobes

With the rising acceptance of cannabis, especially among parents who consume, there are more ways than ever to show your love for the herb.
Stoner Mom Fashion For Caregivers Who Have The Time To Care How They Look

If you’re a mom, you’re busy. Between rearing the kid(s), being a good partner, managing your home and bills, and with whatever time is left, taking care of yourself, there’s not a lot of time to do things like, “look good,” or “care about fashion,” unless, say, you influence for a living. But these outfits and accessories are Instagram-worthy indeed, regardless of any ability you have to influence anything outside of your own domain.

Cannabis culture is on the rise, and has been since the legalization of marijuana has been crawling across the states. Parents may feel more enabled than ever to let their weed flag fly. But where do you go to dependably get your best, stoniest wear? Well, Etsy, of course, for the most part. 

Even if you’re not sure about taking these lewks out in public, no worries. They’re dope AF whether you’re in a Zoom meeting (maybe at the CBD start-up you started?), getting a drive-through Covid test, or at home rolling a fatty while you try to find a little quiet mental space in between handling everyone else’s needs. 

Read on, domestic goddesses, working moms, and work-from-home / stay-at-home mamas alike, for a few ideas on how to breathe a little (more) cannabis energy into your daily wardrobe.

Fashion and Accessories For The Self-Proclaimed Stoner Mom

Via GoldenGoosePrints

This tee is more subtle than the overt weed leaf art which we all know and love so much. But I like that. You could wear it to Grandma’s house while whipping up some fresh sourdough bread or even to your boss’s Zoom karaoke party without so much as an eye twitch. Tee shirt, $19.99, GoldenGoosePrints on Etsy.

Stoner Mom Fashion For Caregivers Who Have The Time To Care How They Look
Via ThatMomCompany

This tee is a little more out and proud, while still being a touch subtle. For $25, this tee shows the world (or just the people in your pod) that you are that weed-appreciating mom, atop a soft heather grey backdrop. It’s comfy, to the point and guaranteed to get people talking at your next drop off. Available at ThatMomCompany on Etsy.

Stoner Mom Fashion For Caregivers Who Have The Time To Care How They Look
Via LiftedCompany

You wouldn’t think that a ceramic coffee cup would be an accessory, per se, but these days it is, and this one is glossy, cute, and nails the sentiment. It’s got it all—coffee, weed, and #momlife, in one lovely mug, emblazoned with a charming floral weed design ($27.95). Dishwasher safe too, because what mom has the time to be hand-washing all their good weed mugs? Available at LiftedCompany on Etsy.

Stoner Mom Fashion For Caregivers Who Have The Time To Care How They Look
Via DopeNailz

If you’re a mom who has time to do things, like your nails, then Dope Nailz has got you covered with it’s teeny-tiny, oh-so-subversive weed leaf fingernail art decals, nail polish, and lacquer in a wild, wide assortment of weed-themed colors including Northern Lights (pictured above, $10), and stoner mom merch galore, like flip flops ($18), crop tops ($33.50), and fitness bras ($40.50) all sporting stoner vibes. In addition, they have my favorite: the weed leaf gold midi ring in 24K gold or silver ($4.20), for when I go to visit my mom. Available at

Stoner Mom Fashion For Caregivers Who Have The Time To Care How They Look
Via Highbigh

You can not only be fashionable, but also reduce your risk of inhaling or transmitting Covid to beloved family members (or even strangers) with this sweet two-layer Highbigh Black Floral Roses & Weed Leaf cotton mask ($10). In addition to this cutie, there are many others in a wide assortment of colors and styles, such as its pink sister ($10), above. Masks come in one size and are all handmade in a look that can easily be described as “mom-errific.” Available from Highbigh on Etsy.

Via OurAdorkableDesigns

If you’re anything like me, you’ve basically given up on crispy attire at home, and by that, I mean, anything that makes a crunching-type sound when you wear it. Lately, I’m opting for soft, cotton-y things, like pajamas, pajama pants, robes, slippers, tunics, and anything that a guru might wear. And if I must put on actual clothing for some reason (like a Zoom meeting), then it’s soft yoga pants, cozy sweaters, and fluffy socks. So when I saw a pair of rainbow weed leaf pants (the rainbow weed leaf logo, shown above, is a staple of the store), I said to myself, “These look like the kind of stoner mom wear that stoner moms out there might really be able to get into”. As an added bonus, the store’s operators described themselves to me as “two of the most stylish and stoniest moms we know,” which gives me great faith in the world. Um, I’ll take two of everything?

Stoner Mom Fashion For Caregivers Who Have The Time To Care How They Look
Via Ken Ahbus

Ken Ahbus (get it?) has a pretty dope (get it?) line of clothing and accessories which I found through TheMommyJane’s Instagram account. The style—simple, bold lettering across simple garments in solid colors—is effective and eye-catching. What mom doesn’t love a great tote ($25)? Ken Ahbus knows firsthand. “I noticed that a lot of people that were consistently interacting with my posts and buying from Ken Ahbus were self-proclaimed canna-moms,” ‘Ken’ told me in an email. “We know that every type of person consumes cannabis including moms. These moms are confident and proud of their cannabis use, because why shouldn’t they be!” 

Their “moms just wanna” collection, Ken told me, is their answer to all the “mom needs a bottle of wine” apparel that exists. The tote makes a political statement on the d.l., while helping save the planet as loudly as can be. The sweatshirt makes the message of “cannamoms” clear. All orders get free shipping over $5. Available at

Stoner Mom Fashion For Caregivers Who Have The Time To Care How They Look
Via HerHighnessCBD

Speaking of accessories, check out this chic lighter ($8) that HerHighnessCBD has put into the world for moms who are on fire, or maybe just need to light shit up. Their site also boasts cannabis jewelry, a tote bag ($38), a cute as blazes “highly stoned” tee ($38), and other looks that weed-loving moms will appreciate.

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