The Barn Brings Some Heat With Bruce Banner

We sat down with Tony from The Barn at the 2014 High Times Michigan Medical Marijuana Cannabis Cup to discuss his edibles, a powerful strain of herb, and the legalization efforts in Michigan.

Which companies did you bring to the 2014 High Times Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup?

I brought two companies today actually. The Barn is our dispensary in Burton, Michigan — we’ve been open since April of 2011. The other company I have is called Leaf House where we manufacture and produce grow trays for grow shops in Michigan. They’re specific to fit Solo Cups.

One of the products we’re showing off are our chocolate-raspberry brownies. They’re infused with all-flour green butter. There’s approximately 1.2 grams of butter in each brownie which gives it a nice lasting effect of about 6 or 7 hours and it takes about an hour to kick in. They’re as delicious as they are potent. There’s hardly any taste of the butter too — it’s real clean with the water filtered multiple times.

We also have one of our house strains called Bruce Banner. It’s a hybrid (strawberry cough x sour diesel) from San Fernando Valley. It’s a medium-yielder with a really nice kush flavor and a little bit of that diesel on the backside. It’s got a great aroma and a long-lasting effect too.

What’s the scene in Michigan — do you feel like lawmakers are coming over to our side or are they making it rough still?

Well, in Michigan it’s all pretty specific to the county. So if you’re in a county that’s progressive they don’t give you a lot of problems. In other counties, they’re…not so happy. The county that we’re in now is Genesee County and they are real progressive. As long as you stay underneath your numbers that you’re allowed to grow and the quantities you’re allowed to have, there aren’t any problems.

I would hope it would be soon. It’s our belief at The Barn that every adult has the right to choose what they put in their own body. We’d like to see it happen within the next five years at most. If it doesn’t get on the ballot this year, maybe in four years or two years.

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