The High Holidays: How to Toke Safely on the Road

Photo by Justin Cannabis

It’s the time of the year when we look forward to vacations, holidays and taking some well-deserved time off. Packing up and hitting the road to visit family and friends or to escape to a grand beach or mountain getaway can provide you with the enjoyment and mental charge necessary to maintain a healthy and meaningful life.

Unfortunately for the 420-friendly lifestyle, living life on the road can provide some serious obstacles.

The last thing someone who’s trying to relax and smoke a bowl needs is the hotel manager banging on your hotel door because of the smell in the hallway. Fortunately, there are quite a few things that a toker on the road can do to make his or her life a bit easier. Here are a few tried and true techniques for a successful ganja getaway.

The first line of defense is an old one, but it definitely helps—dampen a towel, roll it like a big, fat joint and lay it at the foot of the door to prevent smoke-filled air from traveling out into the hallway. If there’s a fan in the bathroom, turn it on to hopefully draw air away from the exit. Keep the air from entering public space. Take note of the airflow in the room. Is the air slipping out into the hallway, and if so, does turning the air conditioning on/off change that? Maybe simply opening a window will draw air out the window instead of out the door. Make sure the room’s smoke alarm doesn’t go off by taking one of the complimentary shower caps provided by the hotel and cover the smoke detector in the room. Just remember to remove it when the room has cleared up for safety’s sake.

In order to decontaminate the room, there are several things we can do to eliminate smells. Take a wad of crumpled up toilet paper and spray your cologne/perfume on it generously and stuff it into the toilet paper tube. Now you can “scrub” the smell from your smoke as you exhale into the tube. If the room has a coffee-maker, make a cup of coffee, as the smell of coffee is a great way to overpower and cover up any remaining odors. If there’s a microwave, making popcorn is fantastic way to cover cannabis odors, plus there’s delicious munchies to be had!

In a real emergency, burning a bag of popcorn can mask almost any smell temporarily. If you find yourself in a hotel without a coffee-maker or microwave, run the shower as hot as you can and steam up the bathroom. Smoking in a closed bathroom full of steam can help clean the air and mitigate the odor in a pinch.

Dabbing concentrates certainly requires less odor control, is an ideal way to smoke cannabis in an unfriendly 420 setting and packs quite the punch. Be careful when emptying water from your rig when your done, as the reclaim can stick to the sides of the sink, which can be a real pain when cleaning. Line the sink with a wash cloth when emptying to catch claim before it clings to the sink. Cleaning up those piles of brown and sticky Q-tips used to keep nails clean can keep housekeeping from looking at you sideways as they wonder what is wrong with your ears…?

Even though the cannabis community has made great strides in acceptance,  hurdles still remain. Varying degrees of laws across the country make it difficult to keep compliant. The lack of acceptable places to consume both publicly and privately create unnecessary friction. And negative, preconceived misinformation on cannabis can create an us vs. them mentality.

When out in new lands, treating cannabis use with respect can go a long way in representing the cannabis community. Until we are able to lift the veil of prohibition and create a sensible framework to live within, we can use these techniques to stay incognito while smoking cannabis on the road, keeping  your high holiday travels happier, healthier and full of laughs and merriment!

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