The Inside Scoop on the Secret Origin of 420

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Happy 420!

The highest of holy days—or holiest of high days?!—is back again, and many of you probably haven’t the slightest idea why we’re celebrating. Or maybe you’ve heard bits and pieces of the tale and know that 4:20 was the time a group of students in the ’70s used to meet daily to light up, and the term eventually turned into slang meaning “to smoke pot.”

Well, there’s actually a bit more to it than that, and those students who originated “420” so many years ago are now telling their unadulterated story.

“… accuracy was important.” Waldo Jeff explained. “”We wanted to tell our stories in our very own words. As information passes around the web, it gets twisted. When people inaccurately paraphrased and misquoted us in the past, we always felt the desire to correct the errors.”

Check out to learn the intricate details behind the Waldos (the nickname of the aforementioned group of students) and see undeniable proof that five high school friends with a treasure map can have a significant, sweeping impact on the world just with one phrase.

If you’re already too high for investigative shenanigans (by that, we mean clicking on a link and reading), then watch this animated video instead. It might not be as in-depth as the Waldo’s website, but it’s pretty informative and has some trippy visuals for those of us who have already started the 420 tradition of honoring the herb.

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