Too Short and Friends Come to the Rescue of Handicapped Pot Activist

Last month, a video of cops eating pot brownies and taunting a disabled patient during a dispensary raid in Santa Ana quickly went viral.

Not only did police officers unleash a disgusting fury against the business, but the surveillance footage also caught a female cop saying that she wanted to kick wheelchair-bound amputee and marijuana activist Marla James (who was working as the on-duty manager) in her “fucking nub.”

According to the Cannabist, Colorado-based ganjapreneur Jayson Emo (better known as Giddy Up) “knew he had to do something” after watching the video online. He noticed how much duct tape was on James’ wheelchair, made some phone calls and found out that her 10-year-old chair could barely stayed charged.

That was it.

Emo enlisted the help of West Coast rap legend Too Short, and they gifted 54-year-old James a brand new Jazzy 600 ES powered wheelchair, which retails for around $4,000—but Giddy Up said he spent between $6,000 and $7,000 in full.

“Giving Marla the chair, it reaffirmed that I’m in a position to make the changes I’d like to see in the world,” Emo said. “If there’s something I’d like to do from now on, I’ll do it. It’s great to help people out when they need it. It’s not what got me in this business, but it’s what keeps me in this business.”

TMZ was on hand to capture the heartwarming exchange, and you can watch it below:

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