Watch: Exclusive New Trailer for ‘Grow House’

Photo Courtesy of Grow House

If you consider Friday to be the quintessential stoner film, then High Times has news for you! DJ Pooh, co-writer of Friday, just announced his new comedy, Grow House, to be released on our favorite holiday of the year, 4/20, National Weed Day. Now that cannabis is becoming widely legitimized with more and more states hopping on the bandwagon to legalize it, the industry is exploding.  

Grow House is the hilarious tale of two friends, Pat (played by DeRay Davis) and Darius (played by Lil Duval), who decide to turn their love of herb into some actual green by becoming legal medical marijuana ganjapreneurs.

Of course, knowing how to smoke weed doesn’t mean you know how to grow weed—and that’s where it gets hazy!  

Featuring Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Doobie, Snoop Dogg as himself and a cameo by Charlamagne Tha God, Grow House is the stoner flick we’ve all been waiting for since… well… 1995’s Friday.

So, step aside Cheech & Chong, Mac & Devin and Harold & Kumar (although, we love you all too)—but there’s a new stoner duo in town, Darius & Pat, and their new movie is about to get us all lit. Grow House is one of the dankest movies we’ve seen in a long time!

Roll one up and check out the official trailer below:

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