Weed is for Moms Too (Even Ones Who Don’t Smoke)

Mother’s day isn’t a holiday you’d typically associate with cannabis, but the folks at Apothecanna were inspired to celebrate mothers with their innovative cannabis body products. On Saturday May 14th, Apothecanna threw a pre-Mother’s Day party on the rooftop of a Los Angeles penthouse office, high above the traffic and sun-soaked sidewalks. Invited guests were encouraged to bring their mothers for an educational, beautiful day of new products and cannabis fun.

James Kennedy founded Apothecanna 10 years ago in Colorado, after having worked 10 years for Aveda and other mainstream beauty care companies. Walking and talking as he mingled through the party, James’s passion for his products, and educating people about how they are made and used, was obvious. Xavier Burt, who runs Apothecanna’s Southern California marketing, is proud that Apothecanna isn’t a startup, but a well-established brand in 850 dispensaries nationwide, including over 100 in SoCal alone. Apothecanna is a consistent product in these markets—Xavier pointed out, “When you go from Aspen to Portland or California, it’s the same product.”

Delicious snacks and drinks were provided, as well as free massages for the overjoyed mothers (and their offspring). As James and Xavier discussed alternative uses for Apothcanna products, they showed us just how delicious and edible Apothecanna’s Sexy Time oil is by adding a few drops to some mineral water, in essence creating a Sexy Time Spritzer! The oil contains only vegan, organic, and paraben-free jasmine, coconut, and other natural essential oils combined with cannabis for a truly unique flavor and aroma.

Guests mingle at the Apothecanna Mother’s Day brunch.

Several mothers in attendance admitted they’re not cannabis users, but were intrigued by the products—and they’re supportive of their children’s cannabis use, even in more traditional forms. One mother confided, “I don’t like smoking marijuana, but there are so many new products with health benefits for people like me that don’t smoke. I want to learn more.”

The event emphasized the benefits of CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids. In addition to Apothecanna, Cannabis Feminist was on hand—they are a group who endorse a holistic whole-plant approach to a healthier lifestyle, through the power of both women and cannabis as a female plant. And hot new company Hmbldt was there showcasing the awesome vape pen that earned them a place among TIME Magazine’s “Top inventions of 2016”.

While trying out Apothecanna products firsthand and getting myself a massage, I asked the masseuse how many of her clients use cannabis-infused oils for therapeutic purposes. She averred that many of her clients who have never tried cannabis in any form love the oils and lotions, and that she herself has experienced great therapeutic results with her clients.

When I asked James and his affable team what helps their products stand out in an ever-saturated market, and what the number one reason to use Apothecanna is, they confidently declared, “It works!” I  could see that it does, looking around at all the happy mothers sampling the products and getting massages in a wonderful rooftop setting. It was a successful Mother’s Day experience for all. —Ben Berkowitz 

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