Weediquette 101: How to Be a Good Pot Citizen

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Rolling Stone recently published a Miss Manners-style guide to pot-smoking etiquette, with the goal of banishing stereotypes and instructing the growing subculture to be responsible, polite and conscientious consumers.

“Whether you’re livening up a dinner party with some gourmet infused cookies or scoring some unlabeled bud from your dealer for your friend’s mom, it is important to consider how to be a good weed citizen,” wrote Amanda Chicago Lewis.

How to best live openly as an ethical stoner, says Lewis, is to keep in mind how “your behavior affects other people, and how can you better educate those around you.”

Herein are some suggestions. Feel free to add a few of your own!

Share your stash—unless you have limited amounts and need it for medical purposes. Other than walking your dog, sharing your weed is one of the fastest ways to make new friends, noted the writer.

But, on the flip side, never pressure anyone into trying something psychoactive. We all know that can end badly.

Dose properly. This is important in the case of edibles or if one is new to dabbing super-concentrated wax and is unaware of how strong and/or how fast the high can occur. Read labels just as we do with food and hope THC levels are correct and specific.

Understand what to do if you get uncomfortable. This can be avoided with products or strains that contain a hefty dose of cannabidiol, also known as CBD.

If one gets too high, accompanied by an uncomfortable paranoia, High Times offer some good advice on how to proceed.

Contain the smell whenever possible. An age-old problem: not everyone loves the smell of pot. If you’re walking down the street toking and a line of children happens along with their teachers or parents, cross the street immediately. This is where a vape pen rules. For getting rid of smoke and that lingering weed smell, check out High Times gifts for dorm-living stoner students.

Check your drug use privilege.

“If you think there’s something fun or adventurous about breaking the law to smoke pot, you are almost certainly white,” said Lewis. And we couldn’t agree more. Though all races use marijuana at about equal rates, people of color are disproportionately arrested and incarcerated, according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Clean your glass.

There’s nothing grosser than a bong or pipe clogged with globs of used, wet resin. Isopropyl alcohol, hot water and salt should do the trick.

If you shop at a dispensary, ask for pesticide test results.

Unless you live in Colorado or Oregon, your cannabis is probably far from organic.

Like similar social services agencies under the Trump administration, the goal of the Environmental Protection Agency is to self-destruct. The EPA is certainly not interested in regulating or otherwise dealing honestly with the cannabis industry.

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