10 Weedstagram Accounts Worth Following

If you’re a fan of weed and Instagram, merge your two passions by following some Weedstagram accounts.
Weedstagram: 10 Accounts Worth Following
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We love a dank meme as much as we love dank ganja, but that’s not all the world of cannabis branding offers on Instagram. From trippy art and high design to innovative smoking brands and small batch independent farmers, here are ten accounts to infuse your feed with cannabis goodness.

Leaf and Petal Design

Surreal scenes meet vintage nostalgia on Karen Lynch’s trippy account. While not every post features the plant, the Salvador Dali-esque juxtapositions and color palettes will transport you to a different world.

Haute Smokes

A combination of gorgeous product photography and Brigitte Bardot look-alike models make this account a must-follow for any haute smoker. Lighting a J has never looked so glam.

Stoned Fox Mag


High fashion meets cannabis culture in this members-only digital magazine. The feed is a gorgeous window into their fashion and beauty editorials, interviews, brand collaborations—and of course, the occasional epic party.

Canna Obscura

For when you just want a little #weedporn in your life, turn to this cannabis entrepreneur and bud photographer. Macro photography and brilliant colors collide in some of her best shots.

Pleasantly Green


For the design-minded and plant-obsessed comes this delightful account that curates high-design smoking accessories and house plants. You’ll be inspired to up-level your pipe — and your pad.

Laundry Day

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Not using your pipe? Stick a flower in it 🌿

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Speaking of upgrading your smoking accessories, this Canadian-based brand reimagines pipes as works of art. Each treasure is coffee table-ready and some even double as vases.

If You High

Even if you’re not high at the very moment you scroll past one of the account’s #oddlysatisfying videos, you’ll probably feel like you are. The folks behind this popular account curate mind-expanding images and mesmerizing motion that’ll have you staring at your phone screen for longer than you should.

Roll This Pass That

With the goal of spreading green across the internet, this curated account blends the weirdest corners of the web, memes, 90s nostalgia, and ganja. Follow to keep your finger on the pulse of odd ways to roll joints and bikinis made of bud.

Kitchen Toke

These are not your average edibles doused in sugar and artificial flavors. Kitchen Toke, a quarterly food magazine distributed nationally, covers seasonal cooking and entertaining with cannabis. The gorgeously styled feed offers a window into the recipes that enhance the flavor and health properties of cannabis.

Flow Kana


This cannabis brand wants you to know what’s in your pipe. The processing, packaging, and distribution company uses its feed to highlight the independent farmers it partners with and the gorgeous sun-drenched farms of California’s growing regions.

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