Woman Does Time for Possession of SpaghettiOs

The brainwashing of American law enforcement has undoubtedly taken the War on Drugs to ridiculous new heights in its over forty-year scourge on the Land of the Free. This has caused the people of this great nation to become slaves to a rippling cesspool of injustice brought on by the same governmental powerhouse whose death rattle now festers in guts of those conscious enough to feel it.

This sentiment is one that can certainly be appreciated by 23-year-old Ashley Gabrielle Huff, who was arrested earlier this year and charged with felony possession of methamphetamine after Georgia police discovered some dried spaghetti sauce on a spoon located in a vehicle where she was riding shotgun.

Now, while this bizarre incident may seem like one of those that can be cleared up in a matter of hours, reports indicate that Huff spent nearly 47 days in the Hall County Jail waiting for the geeks down at the crime lab to release an official report stating that the substance was, in fact, spaghetti sauce and not meth residue.

Interestingly, the Hall County prosecutor did not wait for lab results before tossing Huff into the greasy wheels of the criminal justice system. Ms. Huff was taken into custody on July 2nd where she spent some time in jail before being released and ordered to attend a series of drug classes. However, when she failed to appear for her appointed courses, she was arrested again and forced to sit behind bars from August 2nd to September 18th.

With no resources to hire a ball-bruising attorney, Huff was forced to accept legal council from a public defender, who claims that although Huff always insisted she was innocent, she was prepared to plead guilty just to put the travesty behind her.

“I think what the unfortunate part about her case is that she was probably willing to take the felony to close out her case so that she get out of jail, even though she always maintained innocence,” public defender Chris van Rossem told The Gainesville Times.

Once the crime lab submitted results to the court indicating that the substance in question was not an illegal drug, the prosecutor’s office dropped the charges…and in just the nick of time. Reports confirm that Huff, who was never guilty of a crime, was in the process of arranging a plea deal in a desperate attempt to simply get out of jail.

Of course, this unfortunate debacle could have been prevented had it not been for the ignorance of a police officer hell bent on digging as deep as he or she possibly could in order to bust an innocent citizen for drugs. We could ask what ever happened to the concept of innocent until proven guilty? Certainly, when Americans start spending even a single day in jail over dried SpaghettiOs, it is not only time to castrate the illusion known as the drug war, but to also give the checkered practices of our nation’s law enforcement a major overhaul.

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