CloudV ElectroMini

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Introducing the CloudV ElectroMini—the smallest and most powerful portable e-nail. Featuring a powerful 3300mAh battery and a stylish button that doubles down as a display, which allows you to choose the perfect temperature from 550°F to 1000°F.

ElectroMini includes large 16mm Titanium and Quartz nails that heat up in 15 seconds, allowing you to take torch-less dabs on the go. Thirty percent smaller than the original Electro, the ElectroMini—weighing one pound—makes it your perfect travel companion.


After getting a number of requests from disappointed customers, CloudV Enterprises is happy to announce the upgrade program for all generic portable e-nails, shown above. CloudV Enterprises started the development of the first portable e-nail exclusive design back in 2013, which was not to be sold to anyone else.

Due to supplier’s dishonesty and lack of professionalism, CloudV Enterprises abandoned the product, which could not meet the requirements. As a result, CloudV’s unfinished design was later sold to a number of companies who picked up the product and branded it as their own. Most of these companies claimed to be the originators of this product when, in fact, they had no association with the creation of this product at all.

Starting today, CloudV will be offering an upgrade program to all customers that own the generic portable e-nails as shown in the picture above.

The program does not apply to the box mod models.

To take advantage of this program, simply send the battery portion, excluding the nail and the glass bubbler, with a check or money order for $100 for #ElectroMini or $180 for #Electro to the following address:

CloudV Enterprises
Upgrade Program
206 N. Jackson St Ste 301
Glendale, CA 91206

Please email to obtain the form. You can also visit for more information.

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