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The 12 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Seattle

Seattle has lots and lots of pot. Here are the best marijuana dispensaries in Seattle.

The 10 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Seattle
Courtesy of Uncle Ike's
The 12 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Seattle

Courtesy of Lux Pot Shop

Lux Pot Shop
Ballard, Lake City
The fancy weed shop

The “Apple Store of weed” has quickly become a cannabis retail category unto itself. Every major city with recreational weed seems to have at least one store that mimics the clean lines and palatable whites and silvers of Steve Jobs’ style aesthetic. Seattle’s version of this staple was unquestionably Vela, a pot shop that died a slow death this past winter. With Vela out of the picture, Lux’s two stores can now claim the title of Seattle’s newest Apple Store-style dispensary. As is standard in this category of shops, you can expect a modern design and friendly customer service at Lux that could make even the staunchest of prohibitionists feel comfortable. Lux covers all of the basic product categories at prices that are slightly higher than the average. Modern corporate stylings don’t come cheap.

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