4 Cannabis-Infused Wines Worth Buying

Wine and weed. What could be a better pairing?
4 Cannabis-Infused Wines Worth Buying
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That supposedly healthy glass of wine a day might now be even more appealing to those that stay away from alcohol. Late last year, a new trend started brewing in states where recreational bud is legal — Cannabis-infused wines hit the market, offering its consumers an alcohol-free, cannabis-potent alternative. It may be more costly than the convenient and cheap box o’ wine. But try something even more daring than the spout, something that won’t cost the wicked hangover one usually has to survive after a night of savoring red vino. No matter what, get to wherever you can legally buy these wines before the state you live in starts banning these bud-infused beverages. Stock up while it’s still possible, and then pop the cork on these 4 cannabis-infused wines worth buying.

4 Cannabis-Infused Wines Worth Buying
Courtesy of CannaVines

CannaVines in California, USA

Unfortunately, these delicious wines are not yet available outside of Cannabis Tours, a must-see wine and weed pairing tour there in the golden state. This tour takes millennials, wine-os, and the classiest of agro-tourists on a culinary and cannabis adventure, matching food and marijuana to wine. But luckily, soon CannaVines will offer up a diversity of wines all infused with classic favorite strains. Soon residents of California will be able to make an online purchase of a red blend infused with Headbead to alleviate stress. Or perhaps a Chardonnay combined with an uplifting Sour Diesel for a general euphoric feeling. Red and white don’t quite satisfy the tastebuds? Try on their rosé blended with CBD and Grand Daddy Purple to relieve stress and ease anxiety. Once these guys finally hit the market, their options can suit any mood or soirée.

4 Cannabis-Infused Wines Worth Buying
Courtesy of Rebel Coast Winery

Rebel Coast Winery in California, USA

Like CannaVines, this company offers an aromatic blend of THC and alcohol-free wine. In fact, Rebel Coast Winery began the hoopla when cannabis-infused wines became a new product in early 2018. Currently, you can only pre-order your $59.99 bottle of cannabis-infused Sauvignon Blanc. Even then, you must be a California resident. For those not in California, Rebel Coast hopes to keep consumers updated on when their worthwhile product will become available to other states with recreational marijuana. Nonetheless, they promise 20mg of THC in every bottle, roughly about 5mg of THC in each glass. Soon, they also plan to release a cannabis-infused rosé and a sparkling. And furthermore, their website advertises these cannabis-infused wines aim to make its drinkers just want to “get giggly and naked with someone.” Yes, please.

4 Cannabis-Infused Wines Worth Buying
Courtesy of Mary Jane’s/ Facebook

Mary Jane’s Magical Hemp Wines in Canada

Take a trip to the land of maple and poutine, and Mary Jane’s Hemp Wines becomes available. This hemp-infused wine comes in many tastes. Try Magic White, BC Buddy White, BC Buddy Red, and a traditional Canadian classic: a BP Hemp Ice Wine. Unlike the cannabis-infused wines in the USA, these luscious libations are hemp-infused and alcoholic. Feeling like you need something heavier than alcoholic hemp-infused wine? Try Mary Jane’s premium hemp-infused spirits, like this hemp-infused gin, which can be ordered online, through their website from Black Prince Winery.

4 Cannabis-Infused Wines Worth Buying
Courtesy of Greenway

Greenway “Know Label” Wine Tinctures in California, USA

Like most of the wines on this list, these cannabis concoctions are only available to cannabis card carriers in California. And like most of the other products on this list, you must add your name to a long waiting list of hopefuls yearning to swish and sip on these vinos. Unlike Rebel Coast Winery, these bottles look like they’ve come from someone’s backyard and each are completely unique. They have no label, like the punny name “Know Label” suggests, but each bottle comes with a small tag which notes the strain used, the year, and the type of wine. So each experience is different. Additionally, this wine is backed by cannabis advocate, cancer survivor, and singer Melissa Etheridge.

Cannabis-Infused Wines Abroad

Maybe instead of residing in North America, you live in the more relaxed European Union. Try CannaWine. With its choices of Spanish reds and whites, these options not only offer CBD-infused aromas and tastes, but they’re also alcoholic. If still holed up in a US state where these delectable bottles cannot be purchased, take a stab at a DIY approach and make your own. Or maybe you prefer suds laced with sativa instead? These beers infused with cannabis have made as much of a stir as cannabis-infused wines. And they also face new regulations and possible bans. Moral of the story? Get your cannabis-infused wines and beers wherever and whenever you can… and while the getting is still good.

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