How To Make Firecracker Edibles

Firecrackers, the humble yet potent weed edible that’s super-easy to make.
How To Make Firecrackers

Looking to whip up a weed edible that takes the least amount of time and effort possible? Look no further than the humble firecracker, quite possibly the simplest cannabis treat you can make. Learning how to make firecrackers is easy, and for the most part foolproof. But there are some things to keep in mind to make sure the firecrackers weed doesn’t burn up, leaving you with a worthless, if tasty, snack.

Here’s How to Make Firecrackers

Let’s start with what you need to pull off an amazing firecracker recipe.

First, you’ll need some high-quality flower. If you’re making firecrackers just for yourself, about a half gram (0.5 g) should do. Use more if you’re planning to make enough to share.

Next, you need your graham crackers. Nabisco or HoneyMaid work best due to their higher fat content. Spice things up with the cinnamon version!

Finally, you need peanut butter. Go for the natural stuff with the higher amounts of fat. The higher (the fat), the better! Nutella also works well in combination with the peanut butter or on its own.

That’s why firecrackers are so simple to make. The firecrackers weed easily bonds to the fats in the peanut butter, eliminating many of the steps needed to make other weed edibles.

And don’t forget the tools: a toothpick for stirring, aluminum foil for baking, and an oven with an accurate temperature control. Toaster ovens work well, especially the digital kind.

Don’t Forget To Decarboxylate Your Firecrackers Weed!

In order for this firecrackers weed recipe to work, you have to activate the THC and other cannabinoids in your buds before you eat them. That means using heat to decarboxylate your cannabis.

For the first-timer, figuring out how to make firecrackers weed decarboxylated can be a little challenging. But really, the process is simple. Just remember, low and slow.

Preheat your oven to 250 degrees F (120 C) and wait about 10 minutes for it to get warm. While you’re waiting, break up your nugs by hand or coarsely grind them.

Next, put the weed in the oven. Set a timer for about 15 minutes. That’s plenty of time for a decarb, so don’t go any longer. Heating too long can ruin your weed.

After 15 minutes, set your weed to the side and let cool.

Assemble Your Weed Firecrackers

Now, heat the oven to 300 degrees F (150 C). As it gets to temp, spread a thick layer of peanut butter (and/or Nutella) on one side of each graham cracker.

Pro Tip: the fat in the peanut butter is what absorbs the THC from your weed, so the more fat the better. That’s why you should really spread it on thick.

Now, evenly sprinkle your weed on the peanut butter-covered crackers. Now’s the time to use that toothpick to stir and fold your weed into the peanut butter.

Mix your weed in very thoroughly, so that all of it is covered with fatty peanut butter. Don’t rush this step.

To finish assembling your firecrackers, add a second peanut butter and covered cracker on top and sandwich them together.

Get Baking! Here’s How To Make Firecrackers …the Right Way

At this point, lots of people will simply toss the firecracker into the oven and bake it. But that’s not the best approach.

Instead, wrap your firecrackers in foil. Wrap them up completely, like you would if you were cooking something over a campfire. This will lock all the good stuff in and make sure no THC escapes!

Now, go ahead and put your foil wrapped firecracker into the oven and bake for 20 minutes. The perfect amount of time to enjoy an episode of “Broad City” while you wait.

Cool Down, Then Chow Down!

This last part is the best. Giver your firecrackers time to cool down and remove them from their foil wrappers.

Smells delicious, right? Of course it does, it’s weed and peanut butter (and maybe cinnamon and chocolate).

Finally, eat your firecracker! They’re so good, it’s easy to get carried away and eat the whole batch. But make sure you wait at least a half hour to 45 minutes to see how all that firecrackers weed is hitting you before diving into another.

Bon appétit!

  1. I’ve found that you can make these without decarbing first. 300° For 20 mins decarbs it at the same time. I’ve done it both ways and I get the same effects…maybe even a little better with fresh ground flower. Thoughts?

      1. Why does this direct me to mix the weed in WHILE the the peanut butter is already on the cracker? Had I thought critically about this at all I would have just made a generous mixture of PB weed and then put it on the crackers.

        I highly suggest tweaking this recipe, itonly for that step.

        1. P.s., I apologize for my boomer-ific mistake of posting this comment on this thread instead of as a general response.

        2. You put the peanut butter on the cracker first because that’s what’s absorbing the thc. You want the weed to be in between the peanut butter, not touching the graham crackers. If your weed isn’t completely enveloped in peanut butter you will lose some of the thc.

    1. I make these at least twice a month for the past year & they always come out perfect… the 1 time they didn’t work – I had left them in oven decarbing for 30 min cause I forgot to set a timer…

    2. Going over 250 at any step in the process risk decreasing or destroying thc. Id put some coconut oil in with the peanut butter weed combo and put in for 45 minutes at 225.

  2. I tried this with half a gram split between two sandwiches and it was more than enough for me. Half a gram is a lot for people who don’t normally have edibles.

    1. We tried these for the first time after all articles I read suggested half gram of weed per person. The first 2 hours were perfect, then the high became way too strong, we were freaking out and even nauseous. I want to try half that next time but my partner is afraid to ever try them again. It was not pleasant! Lol.

  3. I`ll find out In the next few days, My tolerance is HIGH —I`ll let Mikey try it , he`s not so much

    1. I’m making them 2 ish days in advance right now. Then taking them camping.
      Came here to see if I should freeze or fridge em at all!?

  4. I’m going to try cooking edibles for the first time and decided to cook firecrackes because its the easiest of them all, I wanted to know:
    1. How much and for how long will it stink of cannabis. No one at my home knows what it is so i’ll have to sneak around to make and I don’t wanna get caught because of the odor.
    2. Can I use any kind of fine crushed weed or does it have to be good quality like hash.
    3. I smoke up like 4 times a week so my tolerance towards weed is good but I’ve never tried edibles so I was wondering what kind of an effect would I be looking at with a joint’s worth (0.5g) weed

    1. So I just tried them today.
      It will smell like weed for about 1-4 hours depending on air Flow.
      Any type can be used it doesn’t has to be hash but can be used too.
      0.5 should be good for a first timer.

  5. Relatively new to edibles. My friend who is experienced made these with me, 0.5g for each of us. I would highly recommend having 0.25g per person if you’re new to edibles, because unless we measured WILDLY incorrectly, they were very, very potent. Long story short – we didn’t have any problems with them not being strong enough.

  6. I like to throw a firecracker in the blender along with a little milk and some chocolate ice cream. I call it my stoner shake. It will cure what ails you for sure!

  7. I use an eight each time. After decarb, grind up decarbed cannabis finely and add it to a small bowl of peanut butter (natural only, not jif). Mix thoroughly with a spatula, add a pinch of soy lecithin (dry granules), if the writer uses a toothpick to spread in to the peanut butter, that tells me he’s never done this or done it once.
    Use ENGLISH MUFFINS or other porous bread, NOT GRAHAM CRACKERS! Even when wrapped in foil, the PB leaks out the edges into the foil and it’s a mess. You want the nooks and crannies to hold it. It will still leak out no matter how tight… you are heating up peanut butter!
    All the rest is accurate. I have been experimenting for twenty plus years, and still love firecrackers! But it takes an eight to get a good high! Only for those with high tolerance should use an eighth!

  8. I put 1/4 teaspoon of ground product on a cracker spread with natural peanut butter. Top with a second cracker spread with peanut butter. Wrap in tin foil bake for 22 minutes at 320 degrees for 22 minutes. I freeze them they last quite a while. Been making them for over 5 years works great!

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