What Happens When You Eat 1000Mg of THC?

What Happens When You Eat 1000Mg of THC?

What’s the most potent marijuana edible you’ve eaten? Most people I’ve asked have said 250-500mg the most they’ve had, and they said it was strong enough to knock them out. A few weeks ago, I was dared to eat a Kushie Kandy 1000mg Thin Mint chocolate bar. You’ll see 100mg and rarely and 200mg from Kushie Kandy, but when I saw these 1000mg bars, made with two full grams of Girl Scout Cookies nug oil, I didn’t hesitate to pull out my wallet. I had to purchase three because of how super-rare they are.

I waited until noon the next day to eat one whole 1000mg bar. I could clearly taste the weed, but it wasn’t the overwhelming oil taste that coats your mouth with yuck. Some edibles I’ve had get stuck to your teeth and leave you with a harsh BHO aftertaste. This candy bar did not taste like that at all. If I was eating this without knowing it was a 1000mg THC-infused chocolate bar, I would have never expected it had a bucket of medication in it. The taste of BHO is undeniably there, but subtle.

By 2:00 pm, I felt my stomach reacting to the THC-Infused edible. My eyes were having a difficult time focusing. For me, that’s a sign the edibles are kicking in. The specific feeling I was experiencing while under the influence of 1000mg is hard to describe: I felt like my thoughts were moving faster than I could react to them, and faster than anything physically around me. My mind was racing a million miles a minute, but I didn’t really have the energy to do anything. I had chores scheduled for the day: I needed to run to a few stores, cook and clean, and I managed to push through the laziness and get everything I needed done for the day.

At 4:00 pm, I noticed I was daydreaming very heavily. I was extremely lazy at this point. If I needed to get up to do anything, I felt like I was carrying dead weight. I was dragging my feet around the house, my eyelids were heavy, I felt like knocking out for the day, and it wasn’t even 4:30 pm! Not sure if it was the THC or CBN that gave me the effect, but I definitely felt my body entering into couch lock mode.

At 6:00 pm I was halfway through typing this article. It was incredibly hard to stay focused on typing. My mind just wandered all over the place. I had music playing in the background. If it wasn’t  on, I think I would have been asleep already. It was raining outside, and I was rapt as I listened to it tap on my window. I was fighting sleep: yawning every two or three minutes.

I decided to turn off the music and put on the movie Inception because I felt it perfectly described the way I was feeling at the moment. Once the movie started, the worst thing I could have done was lay down on the couch and get comfortable, but that’s what I did. Thankfully I didn’t have any water running or anything cooking on the stove because I don’t even remember falling asleep.

I woke up nearly 12 hours later about 7:15 am feeling amazing! My sofa is pretty shitty, so it’s amazing that I slept so long and so soundly.

When we smoke or dab, we get the “high” from Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol. When we ingest THC through consuming edibles, it has a much more potent psychoactive effect once it passes through our liver. Someone could be the heaviest smoker and dabber, but one simple edible can wreck the day. That’s why it’s very important to dose responsibly.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience under the influence of 1000 mg of THC. The smell of the Thin Mint chocolate bar was intoxicating. Enticing my sweet tooth to bite down and grind. It’s such a great combination of good chocolate and pure essential oil of cool peppermint. No overpowering, uncomfortable lingering taste of BHO, great texture with the rich chocolate, and crunchy chocolate/peppermint cookie center, and the warm coating of the BHO and creamy chocolate inside the mouth ultimately make this chocolate bar superb. Intense in every sense, but superb.

Authors Note:

Awareness is primarily what I’m trying to promote here, not simply overloading your body with more THC than you feel comfortable handling. Taking the necessary precautions to administer the correct dosage of THC. For the curious people out there wanting to eat edibles for the first time, that mantra should be “less is more.” Taking more than you can handle won’t kill you, but it can lead to feeling uncomfortable or a minor panic attack. I am a heavy smoker and a somewhat reasonably heavy dabber, and edibles can easily ruin my day if I have too much.

  1. Ate an edible at a party once that was so powerful I had to leave and go home – and then it was three days of head rushes and being so high I could not move. And I would call myself a very, very experienced smoker – never had anything that strong again. Unfortunately a friend who’d never smoked before also had some, so that was her first experience. Sucked to be her.

  2. first time i took over 1000 miligrams of edibles i didnt have the pleasure of being home i was forced to walk around the city at 1 am with my friend who was off acid and also 1000 mgs and had to go to the ghetto so he could buy molly

  3. I never knew how many milligrams nor I would dexarb and eat 8ths of medical grade cannabis. Sour diesel and others . And the edibles the Canadian store would sell me before it was legal (they asked where you from I said Niagara Falls. Just didnt say the New York part) they were also 3.5 gs. Not sure if it was distillate or what….. either way have no plans for atleast 2 days .

  4. I took nearly 600 mgs of some gummies, not one gummy either. I took 5, 50 mg gummies and a full 250 mg gummy and 1/3rd of another 250 mg edible. I’m a very experienced smoker too, I took it shortly before starting Bad Boys. While I was watching the movie I felt it kick in, and it wasn’t like anything i’ve ever had. Everything became super slow and I became super focused. My brother then asked me if I feel it, I tried to respond but my mouth was so dry. I took one sip of water then i felt it. I felt everything start coming up. i then asked my brother if I was turning pale, and he said yeah you look almost dead. So I said fuck I think im about to puke. I walked calmly to the bathroom and tried to go in, but someone was using it. The moment I smelled it I puked in my mouth from the stench. Since there wasnt another bathroom, I sprinted outside and puke for nearly 15 minutes without stopping. After I stopped, all I wanted to do was sleep. My friend wouldnt let sleep and told me to go outside to get air. When I walked outside, my tummy said NOPE! I ran to the bathroom (which was now empty) and puked. Nothing came out, it was all dry air coming up. It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt. I then proceeded to poo for 3 hours straight. I remember every single slow second. My vision was so weird. You know the GTA V first person view whenever you go idle for too long? yeah it was like that, they swaying head and everything. I couldn’t keep my eyes open because the light hurt. After that I went home, which was a little over 3 hours away. I didn’t drive because well, I was messed up. I woke up 6 hours later completely sober, but with the worst headache of my life. I got up to pee, and I swear my urine was solid green. I don’t know if that is healthy or not. Even now, which is two weeks after, my stomach still hurts from that day. I can barely eat or drink anything. But its getting better.

  5. I came here because I just ate my 2nd 400mg nerds rope and was wondering if a third was too much for one day. I fought thought the sleepiness of the first one and thought I want another…. now I guess I hit my nectar collector and see how long I stay up. Its 11:25 now

  6. Total bull shit. Anyone who has really done this knows it is more fucking mind blowing than that. Where’s the paranoia? Conspiracy theories. Dude you never did the 1k.

    1. I did 480 today. I recently did 2,500 mg spread out over 48 hours. I was just looking online to see if it’s unhealthy and I can’t find any data.

  7. Ahh, yes Mike. Because it’s a well known fact that drugs affect everyone the same exact way, every time too. Gtfo.

  8. Yo I am a few shots deep and I just ate 1200 mg cuz I was hungry and I’m about to take more bong rips of some gas and get zooted to yo die land.

  9. A year ago, on 1/15/22 my neighbors friend gave me a homemade banana bread edible, about 1,000 mg as far as we can tell when we do the math. My brain was already susceptible to brain fog if I do any substances but weed is “safe” they say. Since that night I’ve never been the same. Tons of neurological symptoms, too many to mention. I cannot work, I am suicidal. Fuck weed and fuck your weed culture.

  10. I think everyone will have a unique experience.

    I’m a VERY experienced smoker, and I can say that my tolerance build up from smoking 100% affects my tolerance for edibles. Barely notice 500mg.

    Consumed 600mg edible last night, smoked the Tiger Blood vape, had a decent sleep, but wasn’t paranoid or anything. Paranoia has completely disappeared with my tolerance level.

    Just consumed 1,100mg and plenty of Tiger Blood hauls. Looking forward to a decent sleep hopefully.

  11. I’ve had 1000mg before, even more and the effects were great like I was gone, totally greening out and I did get the paranoia, personality i think it was was worth it though.

  12. No-one will I ever believe me accept a handful of people but I ate 3000 milligrams of thc gummies 6*500 it made me tired I’m pretty sure I I had a seizure after I went to bed and 13 hours later the next day I was barking like a dog and couldn’t talk so I went to the ER please don’t try this none of it is a lie!

  13. You didn’t take 1,000 mg of THC unfortunately, you definitely consumed what is most likely a counterfeit or fake product. For a few reasons number one being that girl scout cookies are not 50% THC so 2 g of girl scout cookies would not equal to 1,000 mg of THC even using the absolute best way to extract all of the THC inside of it. You would only get a maximum of 280 mg of THC from 1 g of girl scout cookies which is still a lot. That being said number two you wouldn’t be able to write this article on 1,000 mg of THC. Number three you should probably reach out to the lab that confirmed the 1000 mg THC edible. That’s like significantly by like more than 10 times the amount legally sold.

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