Kurupt, Legendary Snoop & 2Pac Collaborator, Talks MoonRocks and History With Weed

“There was one bud I hit, a joint I hit that Snoop gave me that blew the antennas of the roof. Cough. Night-night.”
Kurupt, Legendary Snoop & 2Pac Collaborator, Talks MoonRocks and History With Weed
Courtesy of 1933 Industries

Almost every hip-hop-head over 25 knows who Kurupt is. However, youngsters might need an intro to this hip-hop legend, who was involved in the early careers of 2Pac, Warren G, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg, among others. Kurupt, who received his nickname “Young Gotti” from 2Pac himself, was one of the first rappers signed to Death Row Records, along with Daz Dillinger, Lady of Rage, Snoop Dogg, and Nate Dogg. After participating in Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, Kurupt and Daz started their own group, The Dogg Pound, getting heavily featured in Snoop’s debut record Doggystyle.

Young, Got It

After a long, successful music and film career, Kurupt got into cannabis.

Well, actually, Kurupt tried weed for the first time at age 12, while he still lived in his home town of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“It was a Sativa. We called it ‘stress’ but, back then [in 1984], it was just called cannabis Sativa,” he tells High Times.

Kurupt got into the business side of the cannabis industry a few years ago. In fact, he is often regarded as the creator of Moonrocks, a cannabis product that is made by combining dried cannabis flowers, hash oil, and kief, charged with the psychoactive compound THC.

His Moonrocks have become so famous, that they’ve been referenced by pop culture icons like Cardi B and Lil Wayne in their songs. Even illustrious smoker Snoop Dogg has found the product to be “too strong.”

But Moonrocks’ popularity has brought more than just mainstream attention; it’s also given birth to all kinds of imitations, rip-offs, and spin-offs.

The 1933 Partnership

A couple years ago, the publicly traded cannabis company 1933 Industries struck a deal with Kurupt, to commercialize his Moonrocks. But, copycats were not dissuaded by the corporate support.

Tired of legal battles and discussions over the origin of Moonrocks, Kurupt and 1933 Industries decided to launch a new line of cannabis products called Gotti’s Gold. The artist explained the decision to launch a new line was their way to “letting people know where the original is.”

Kurupt says that the partnership with 1933 Industries works because the company is based out of Canada.

“The partnership opens up endless opportunities for us in the USA and internationally as 1933 Industries expands their operations,” he says.

The company believes in his brand, he assures.

“That’s the main thing that really makes it work. Our main thing is about results. Getting people good product.”

Courtesy of 1933 Indsutries

Best. Joint. Ever

The story of the best joint Kurupt has ever smoked takes place in 1994, a year after he first heard about the “orange chronic bud.”

“There was one bud I hit, a joint I hit that Snoop gave me that blew the antennas of the roof – and I was done. Cough. Night-night.”

After a long laugh, we moved on to discussing the role of cannabis in hip-hop culture.

“Cannabis and hip-hop go hand in hand, like music and hip-hop go hand in hand. You know, marijuana is something that goes with hip-hop like drums, beats, and lyrics. When you them all together like gumbo, you have a mix. And that’s what it is.”

When prompted about discriminatory practices in the War on Drugs, all he had to say was “fuck them!” Not that Kurupt is not eloquent… but sometimes less is more. What else can you really say about this?

‘Cannabis Is A Therapy’

Like the vast majority of consumers, Kurupt is an optimistic believer of cannabis’ therapeutic properties and potential.

“Cannabis is a therapy,” he says. “When I first started my business, it was the beginning of the cannabis game, of becoming legal, and it was it was medical. What we did then was satisfy the patients… Dispensaries supplied my product, the ‘Real Kurupt Moonrocks’ to those with prescriptions for thinks like glaucoma… Marijuana is all about helping people feel better. You’ve heard Bob Marley, cannibus is from the Earth. So that’s why we give patients that.”

In fact, Kurupt created Moonrocks to provide patients with an all-in-one cannabis solution that included hash, some Indica cannabis, keif…

“You have it all in one bowl,” he says. “It’s a one stop shop.”

“Our new line, Gotti’s Gold, will hit users all around the board. They get kush, CBD… All for the people; that’s what it’s all about. It makes you cool, it calms you down, it’s great,” he says, noting his new line uplifts people and helps them deal with things like “asshole bosses.”

And to end on a political note: “If you don’t legalize it: shame on you,” Kurupt says. “I think it helps the economy. I think that it’s good for the people. I think it’s not a bad thing…”

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