Aeroponics and LED Lighting

Dear Danny,
It’s been a few years since I’ve grown and I have a few basic questions before I start up again. I’ve chosen to go with both aeroponics and LED lighting. Each shop I go to claims their products are the best, obviously. I’m looking to grow no more than twenty plants however I’m looking for the highest quality possible. I live in southern California and have many options as to where to go. Money does matter but quality comes first. Thank you for your time and help. – Sunsetkush

Dear Sunset,
Aeroponics can be tricky for the beginner grower. The aeroponic growing method consists of misting plant roots nutrient solution. The roots dangle in the air, receiving food and oxygen at accelerated rates compared with any other type of growing technique. The tough part is maintaining the proper temperature and pH of the nutrient solution, as well as keeping misters from getting clogged or dislodged.

If you choose aeroponics, be aware that the method is unforgiving. Problems can quickly arise and lead to huge set-backs or worse. Get yourself thermometers and meters for pH, and PPM (parts-per-million) of nutrient solution.

As for LED lighting, few of the models on the market have impressed me so far and prices seem to be all over the place, and inevitably coming down. My feeling is the technology hasn’t caught up to the production that you get from HID (High Intensity Discharge lighting like MH (Metal Halide) or HPS (High-Pressure Sodium).

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