Do I Need Odor Control For My Marijuana Mother-Plants?

Photo by Justin Cannabis
Dear Dan,
Do you still need a carbon filter exhaust and a fresh air intake when housing a mother-plant in a tent? I didn’t think so because a carbon filter is an odor eliminator. I can see the fresh air intake, but I don’t know I’m new to this. Also do I need to exhaust the air from inside the tent if I’m using an LED set up? — Matt M.

Dear Matt,

I would certainly recommend both a carbon filter and a fresh air intake for any grow operation. The carbon filter will eliminate any telltale odors from your exhaust air. You would be surprised how much mother-plants and plants in their vegetative stage can smell as they grow. Even without flowers, the plant matter will exude a strong scent that should be filtered before it’s released into the air.

Fresh air intake is also essential to all stages of plant growth. When air becomes spent and stagnant, growth rates slow to a crawl. Fresh cool air with CO2 (carbon dioxide) keeps photosynthesis chugging along, so there must be both intake and exhaust fans as well as an oscillating within the space to keep air moving. And yes, even with an LED light, you still need to exhaust the air from inside your tent.

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