Grow Gear: 4 Must-Have Items

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Here’s a look at what’s new on the market for cannabis cultivators and connoisseurs.

1. Light Titan


LED lights have made tremendous advances in reducing the amount of electricity used and heat produced in the growroom. The new Titan 5 from the experts at Cirrus LED Systems boasts a long list of industry firsts and exclusive features: The proprietary MCOB array is engineered to maximize power and efficiency along with full control, while the Cirrus Leaf App allows you to wirelessly customize your schedule and spectrum from any iOS or Android device.

2. Raise Your IQ


Finding a good vaporizer for flowers is more difficult than finding one for concentrates. That’s why the new DaVinci IQ has impressed us with its form, function and quality of materials. The unit is compact and fits well in your hand, and the ceramic vapor path and precision temperature control ensure the proper purity and flavor of your terps. Plus the app, for iPhones and Android devices, lets you control the temperature and more via Bluetooth.

3. Pay the Bills
Prices vary


From Holland arrives the next generation of nutrients geared toward optimized growth rates, yield, flavor and aroma. Mills Nutrients’ biomineral-nute regimen consists of an easy-to-use two-part base along with special additives designed for speedy performance and maximum essential-oil production. Use only six bottles from seed to harvest in soil, coco coir, hydroponic or aeroponic applications, whether in sterile systems or with beneficial bacteria and microbes. Commercial sizes are also available.

4. Cut Creator
$12, Classic; $18, Harvester


Behold, the first consumer scissors specifically designed for the marijuana market! The herb scissors from Diamond Cut Co. are built to last and comfortable to use. The “Blunt Blade” on the 3½-inch Classic allows cannabis connoisseurs to cut up their buds without grinding, thus preserving trichomes and the precious terpenes within. Growers and trimmers will also love the 5-inch Harvester version, made specifically for removing leaves cleanly and efficiently.

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