Grow Q&A: How Early Can I Start Flowering My Pot Plants?

Dear Dan, In an indoor grow what do you think that the earliest that I could flower a plant. Is it more based on height or age. Or both? This question is for plants either feminized or regular seeds(not auto flowering). – Andrew P.

Dear Andrew,

A plant will flower solely based on how much light you give it per day. Even a just rooted cutting or a seedling that’s only recently emerged from the soil can be forced to flower under 12 hours of light per day. The problem is, without much of a root system to sustain growth and aid in cell development, the yield from these plants will be tiny. I usually recommend at least a 2-week period of vegetative growth (under 18 hours of light per day) before forcing flowering. The longer the vegetative period, the bigger the root system can grow and the bigger the plants will get, meaning a much larger harvest in the end.

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