Grow Q&A: Leaf Color Fade During Flush

Dear Dan, I’ve taken your advice on flushing my plants and I’m happy with the results but I’ve noticed that the color of the leaves on my plants starts fading and turning lighter colors, especially in the veins. Aren’t these signs of deficiencies that I should be trying to avoid? Am I going overboard by flushing for a full two weeks? – Terpene Cowboy

Dear TC,
It’s perfectly normal for your leaves to fade and turn “fall” colors such as yellow, pink, red and light purple. This is a signal that your flush is working and you’re successfully removing the built up nutrient salts. You’re correct that earlier in life, these are signs of deficiencies but the last two weeks of flowering are a time to remove nutrients and not add them. Your buds will burn better and taste better, with joints burning to a wispy white ash. Un-flushed pot burns like charcoal, always needing to be re-lit and leaving a dark chunky ash.

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