Grow Q&A: Purchasing Pot Seeds

Dear Dan, I live in the USA and wanted to know if it is illegal to order seeds from online and also if it’s a bad idea? – Chadwick

Dear Chadwick,
The truth is that ordering seeds through the Internet requires entering into a murky territory with regards to the integrity of your transaction. Little can be done when money has been sent and no seeds arrive. Complaints on the Internet abound about fly-by-night companies that send nothing, or even worse in some cases, send questionable seeds of dubious origin.

Never order seeds to the same address where you are or are planning to grow cannabis. Find a friend or sympathetic relative willing to take the relative risk of having the beans confiscated before arrival and follow the seed companies ordering advice and info to a “T.”

If you want to find a legitimate seed retailer or reseller, the best thing you can do is some research. How long have they been around? How is their customer service? How many complaints have been made? (Keep in mind that almost every seed company has had a few disgruntled customers for one reason or another).

Better yet, take a look at my Seed Bank Hall of Fame entrants and nominees. These are my choices of companies that have proven their worth with many years of diligent breeding, the creation of many High Times Cannabis Cup winners and their excellent customer service.

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  1. It depends on the state. I wouldn’t in any state that doesn’t have at least a medical program, or has draconian laws, say Texas.
    Herbie’s in the UK. Always trustworthy. Always reships if confiscated. Always includes free seeds. 100% germination to date. Go for it Chadwick.

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