Grow Q&A: Should I Keep The Leaves I Trim Off My Pot Plants?

Dear Dan,
I’ve seen a few videos on making hash from trimmings, and it looks like it takes quite a bit of trimmings to make it worth the time and effort. I’m a beginner grower (and I mean about to start my first grow within the next two weeks), but I will only be growing 1-2 plants per grow due to space issues. Can I keep and store my trimmings until I have enough to make my hash, and if so, how would I keep them so they don’t lose all that goodness? Thanks! — C.D.

Dear C.D.,
The amount of trimmings you’ll produce from just a couple of plants in a small space will not produce very much hash at all. If you’d like to store the trimmings from multiple grows, freeze the trim in a light-tight bag and keep it in the freezer until you plan to make the hash.

You can also consider cooking with the trimmings to make a cannabis-infused edible product, and you may get more bang for your buck that way. If you’re patient however, you will eventually accumulate enough trimmings to make hashish—then, you will need to decide if you want to use the dry sifting method or ice-water hashish extraction. Either way, nothing beats a packed bowl of your own hand-made, glandular trichome essential oil concoction!

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