Grow Q&A: Using Dirt From Outside To Grow Pot

Dear Dan, Can you grow weed in a greenhouse or indoors using dirt taken from outside? – L.H.

Dear L.H.,
The short answer is no. The dirt from outside is almost always far too dense to grow plants in pots indoors. The roots simply don’t have any room to breathe and without oxygen, plant growth slows to a minimum resulting in eventual plant death. There are also a bunch of potential problems that can arise such as pests and diseases when using outdoor dirt indoors or in a greenhouse.

You’re much better off purchasing some peat or coco based soilless mix from a store. The mixes are already fairly airy and can be supplemented with perlite and other products that help loosen the mix even more. The important thing is to allow oxygen to reach your roots for optimal growth and bringing in soil from outside won’t let enough oxygen get there.

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  1. I would like to grow outdoors in an area that’s filled With weeds. How do I prepare the ground to grow marijuana ? Thanks tom

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