Grow Q&A: What’s the Best Grow Light For Big Yields?

Photo by Dread Smokes Weed

Dear Dan,
I’m planning on starting my own grow. I’ve grown before but only one plant but this time I plan to have eight and dedicate a small room in my home to the operation. I was wondering what your preference of light is to get the most yield out of an indoor operation? Also, about how long should I grow my plants before flowering them if I would like to yield a pound from each? —Mak

Dear Mak,
For the biggest yield, you must use High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting. Metal Halide (MH) or High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights are the indoor grower’s choice for plant production and heavy harvests. My recommendation are the new ceramic Metal Halides on the market, to get the most bang for your buck.

If you want to yield a pound per plant indoors while growing 8 plants, you will need about a 1,000-watt light per single plant, a very large (over 10 gallon) container, and a long vegetative time (three months or more). In what you describe as a small room, I think it’s more realistic to grow eight plants that will yield a total of one pound meaning that each plant will ultimately yield two ounces. Plant them in 5-gallon pots and vegetate them for 5 weeks before inducing flowering. You may be surprised to find they yield more than the minimum two ounces per plant.

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  2. The correct answer is a 1,000 watt Eye Hortilux Super HPS Metal Halide bulb running off a digital dimmable ballast with an 8 inch air cooled reflector such as the Raptor or the Magnum XXXL.
    Seriously Hightimes, get your shit together. You act like you’ve never grown before.

      1. I have a nova 300 in a small area grow. The keys I have found are it must be full spectrum along with UV output. Some say full spectrum, but do not say what that spectrum is. Avoid those.

      2. Definitely not MH -they lose light as soon as you fire them up. HPS waste 80% of power in heat but sadly used to be the best. Most LEDs are scams. screw the 1-3 watt diodes. There are 12 watt ones available now -make sure you cover the blue and red spectrum..

  3. nonsense, good LED lights are every bit as good as any HID HPS.
    In fact there is quite a bit of data that shows they are better if you are using top of the line LEDs with the proper wattage “from the wall”.
    HPS will be a thing of the past in under 10 years nobody but a fool will be using them.

  4. Shit, I use 2 ceramic metal halides in a 3×6 foot area growing 8 plants on a 4 week veg cycle and I produce 16 to 18 oz. per light every time. I run that and a mother/cloning section along with my home studio along with maintaining my house at 70 degrees in a hot summer. My power bill has never been over $230 a month.
    It’s all about genetics, environment, and growing techniques.
    Genetics: get good genetics (simple)
    Environment: remodel and seal every nook and cranny and apply co2 (1500ppm at 80-83 degrees should do the trick)
    Growing techniques:
    1) Mainline those babies and stretch them out using low stress training ( this part depends on genetics ) some plants don’t respond that well to this, so use something like Dutch sea of green for those who don’t.
    2) Do light pruning during veg
    3) Defoliation on the third week of bloom, expose those bud sights!

    Now there is a lot more and my carpal tunnel would kick my ass typing this all out, but those are the basics and it works every time garenteed!!!

    Understand that I have been growing for 20 years and I’ll challenge anyone to improve themselves by experimentation. You can’t define yourself in the absence of what you are not.

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