Grow Tips from Humboldt’s Finest

Humboldt's Finest Cannabis
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In California’s Humboldt County, cannabis growers combine sustainable practices with age-old techniques to produces some of the world’s best weed. Take a page from the Emerald Triangle’s playbook with these grow tips from Humboldt’s Finest.

Saving Water

Water is a precious resource in California and in many other parts of the world, so water conservation is an important part of cannabis cultivation. Here are some tips to help you save water:


Did you know that adding a layer of mulch to the top of your soil can save as much as 75 percent of your water, which is otherwise lost through evaporation? Mulch can consist of shredded bark, straw or even cardboard used to cover the soil and protect it from the sun.

Watering Times

Watering in the morning and evening when it’s cooler can also save a lot of water. Watering when it’s hot will lead to more evaporation before the water reaches the roots.

Clean Buds

Now that lab testing has become a common practice, growers are discovering how easy it is to produce moldy cannabis without even realizing it, since mold can grow inside the buds and not be visible. This can have major health impacts on pot users, so here are some tips for keeping your cannabis clean:

Harvest at the Proper Time

Although we all want to let our buds pack on as much weight as possible, don’t harvest too late: Buds start to decompose if left on the branches for too long, leading to microbial growth inside. How do you know the proper time to harvest? You’ll need to break out your magnifying glass and check out the trichomes, the glandular, hairy part of the buds. Harvest while the trichomes are still clear, before they turn an opaque white, for optimal potency and reduced decomposition. If in doubt, ask a professional to take a look.

Develop Sanitary Work Habits

When harvesting and drying your buds, be sure to use gloves and work with clean surfaces and containers. Just a little contamination can lead to microbial growth on your buds.

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