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Harry’s World: Genetics

Deciding what genetics best fit your garden can be difficult for first-time growers. There are hundreds of seed companies online offering countless varieties. Thousands of OG Kushes are available, all with different first names. It can be overwhelming. A good rule of thumb is when trying to grow something for the first time, keep it simple. In terms of genetics, this would be a middle-of-the-road hybrid, something that is around 50 percent indica and 50 percent sativa.

Strains that are mostly indicas or mostly sativas, can be tricky for the first-time grower because indicas can be slower growing plants, which affects yield, while sativa’s are notoriously long-flowering plants that make feeding schedules complicated.

A good tip with sativas is to add a diluted mixture of Epsom salts during the middle of the cycle to keep the magnesium levels up about 10 grams per 100 liters. Careful not to add too much, as it can lead to salt build up.

When searching online for seeds, make sure you seek out reputable companies that have a long track record.

When starting off it is easier to use feminized seeds, but know that there are drawbacks too. Some seed companies will acquire a clone-only strain, then use a mixture of STS to make that female clone-only plant sprout male pollen sacks, which allows them to make female seeds. These strains are usually rushed to market without testing, which can increase your chance of getting a hermaphrodite. The other issue with feminized seeds is that they are not always the most stable of strains: expect mother plants to degrade between three to six months after you’ve started the seeds. They will grow weaker and clones will be harder to root. Long term its always best to select moms from male/female genetic stock.

When planning out your first grow, stick to an easy strain and go with a feminized 50/50 hybrid, this will give you a plant that has the best of both worlds!

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