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Harry’s World: Growroom Management

I’d like to first thank everyone who wrote to me regarding my article, Is Today’s Marijuana Really Stronger. I got so many great responses and will surely post some of your opinions here in a future piece.

For this week I wanted to discuss growroom management. In today’s ever-changing cannabis world, most growers have been making the shift from smaller rooms to big, warehouse-style grows. This is due to the larger demand for the flowers that has resulted from the legalization of cannabis in four states. As more and more cannabis tincture, edible manufacturers and dispensaries open up, the need for product will also continue to increase.  This will see more growers moving from 10 to 20 light systems all the way up to 300 to 400 light systems and beyond.

It’s crucial to remember that with increased production comes increased real issues and potential problems. Now when your pump fails it’s not just 25 plants that could die but 1000.

The best things to keep in mind are:
A) keep it simple
B) keep detailed notes and records.

In terms of keeping it simple, the more complicated you make things for yourself the more potential issues you will have. Some things that come to mind are advanced computer systems, drip feeders and nutrient computers. It’s always best to measure your own nutes and check everything with EC and PH meters, and not rely too much on automation.

On bigger projects you will have people working for you, which means that at a glance, all need to be on the same page. This means that any notes or abbreviations you make must all be the same. Try to use either a calendar that is posted in the room or, if you are high tech, insist each worker keep notes on a shared GoogleDoc. If you stick to some simple systems you will see that the bulk of the work will be reduced to harvest time and during re-planting,

Also make sure that between your team you have good and clear communication as the last thing you would want is to double up on work, make sure that the tasks are clearly laid out and that a proper schedule is made which will allow you to work as efficiently as possible.

Keep on growing!!

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