4 Hot Pot Products: December 2017

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4 Hot Pot Products: December 2017

Trying to figure out what’s new on the market for cannabis cultivators and connoisseurs? We’ve got you covered. Check out our list below—4 Hot Pot Products: December 2017.

1. Royal Flush

4 Hot Pot Products: December 2017

$13.49, 250 ml.; $59.99, gal. (code FINISH10 for 10% off)

During the final stage of growth, growers must flush the root zone in order to leach out excess nutrients and enhance essential-oil production in their plants. Improve the burnability and flavor of your terpenes by using Suite Finish from Suite Leaf Plant Nutrients. This amazing product has been formulated for soil or hydroponic applications using molybdenum and zinc as active ingredients.

2. Cure and Store

4 Hot Pot Products: December 2017

Starting at $28.99

Growers and connoisseurs alike love the new UV-blocking, violet-light-enhancing Glass Curing Jars from Mypharmjar. These amazing containers have humidity and temperature sensors with a large digital display on the lid of every jar. The discreet, opaque 100 percent Miron vitality glass protects your herb, allowing you to store it properly and practically indefinitely. So stop the clock on the drying out and deterioration of your precious nugs.

3. Royal Soil

4 Hot Pot Products: December 2017

Prices vary

Cannabis roots love to grow in a loose, airy mix, and the variety of premium coco-based soils from Royal Gold provides farmers with plenty to choose from. Made in Humboldt County in small batches to ensure quality control, Royal Gold’s different blends are created using sustainably sourced materials. They can be used for a variety of applications, from huge outdoor beds to indoor buckets under lights.

4. Trim It Good

4 Hot Pot Products: December 2017

Starting at $4,000

Automatic trimming machines get a lot of flak for beating up buds and destroying trichome glands. That why we’re happy with the results from Ultra Trimmer, a unit that gently removes leaf from buds without violent tumbling. Preserve your essential-oil glands with these mechanical scissors that clip pounds in minutes and save the trim for hashmaking later. Check out demo videos at the Ultra Trimmer website.

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