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Strain Review: Alien Blue from San Juan Strains

Cultivar: Alien Blue

Grown and Sold by: San Juan Strains

Made in: Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Price: $175 an ounce (recreational)—“On Special”

Alien Blue Flowers


Cultivated by San Juan Strains in the heart of beautiful Pagosa Springs, this strain is a variety that will bring an old blueberry cannabis smoker back to the day. Per San Juan Strains, Alien Blue is a sativa-hybrid cross between Blue Dream and Sour Diesel. San Juan Strains did a great job growing this herb, these beautiful resinous rocks are manicured to perfection.

The bag aroma is old school blueberry muffin and slightly over-ripe fruit. This Alien Blue will bring the nostalgia back with a kick in the nose, but that’s just the initial bag smell. Crack open these dense resinous nugs, and there’s more to the story. A slight haze and pungent sour/petrol/grease tone accompanies the sharp blueberry presence, which heightens the aroma even more, blending together for an attractive smell that you want to keep inhaling again and again.

The smoke is smooth and sweet, not too much of the blueberry aroma on the tongue, but leaves a slight sweet and skunky finish that is quite pleasant. After burning, there was approximately 50 percent white ash left at the end.

I found the effect with this Alien Blue can be a double-edged sword. At first, the high is very balanced and social, and appears to be a functional daytime strain, but if you over-indulge, it could put you in the couch zone, asking for a snack and a nap. If you want an all-day sativa smoke, you might leave this at home, but if you’re a “few hits a day” smoker, perhaps it will work out just fine.

After a day of testing the flowers, I decided to press out some Alien Blue Flower Rosin to see what would transpire. The outcome was excellent.

Alien Blue Flower Rosin


The flavor of this Alien Blue Flower Rosin translated more of the blueberry aroma to the palate than the flowers provided. It was truly more pronounced. A sweet blueberry hit with hardly any skunk, but rather a slight sour accompaniment. At $175 per ounce, with a 25 percent return, you yield seven grams of beautiful flower rosin at $25 per gram—you can’t beat that for solventless hash. Great price, great rosin.

Overall, I was very pleased with the experience at San Juan Strains. They have plenty of inviting flavors on the shelf, and I will most definitely return for another visit.

Until next time…

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