The Cheap, Easy and Non-Explosive Way to Make Dabs at Home

This month, we’re going to explore a cheap, easy and non-explosive way to make dabs at home. While there are many emerging techniques for creating dabs, it is generally ill-advised to try them at home—with the exception of this one. No solvents are used, and all of the materials you need are easy to find and cheap to buy. (In fact, you probably have everything you need to get started laying around your home right now.)

Stoners have embraced the simple hash-making method known as the rosin technique, or “rosin tech,” and it’s caused a run on Bed Bath & Beyond’s hair-straightener supply reminiscent of the Great Crème Brûlée Torch Shortage of 2014.

At first glance, this technique looks like classic stoner myth, but upon further investigation, this is definitely a legit hash-making method. Best of all, it’s easy to learn and safe to do at home (provided you’re comfortable handling a hair straightener). The method is solventless, the product is dabbable, and good results can be obtained with a wide range of starting materials.

The how-to portion is simple: All you need is a hair-straightening iron, some parchment paper and about 1 gram of buds, kief or bubble hash. First, fold a piece of the paper in half and put some weed in the middle. Set the straightening iron to medium-low heat and squeeze the parchment paper with a lot of pressure for about five seconds, then open it and remove the flattened, heated starting material. There will be a ring of oily resin around it; this is what you’re looking for. You can repeat this process two or three times on the same sample, and you should be able to pull a 7 to 10 percent return of a translucent (and dabbable) solventless oil.

And that’s all there is to it: no solvents, no purging, no risk of blowing up your home. You can use the same process to make dabs out of the kief in your rolling box or to refine low-quality bubble hash.

If you think this is a gimmick, think again: Several pioneers of the rosin technique have been able to produce sizable quantities of concentrate using a shirt press or some other large industrial heat press. And some of the best practitioners have even placed in High Times Cannabis Cups with rosin-tech dabs. Excellent examples of the technique can be seen by Googling “#rosintech.”

1. A hair iron, some parchment paper and weed are all you need.

2. Set the iron to medium-low and put your weed in the parchment paper.

3. Squeeze very hard for a few seconds.

4. Collect the squeezed-out resin on your dabber.

  1. this is definitely wassup for us stoners in the dirty sout. especially for those of us who don’t want to pay up to 60 buck a G for haysh.

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  2. Forget the t shirt press, stick with the hair straightener tech or go for something with more pressure allowing for less heat and a better end product. Gotta love the #rosintech!

    1. I’ve been trying with a hair straightener. Highest temp on the straightener is 450 and lowest is 140. Nothing marked in between. I set it somewhere in the middle and pressed hard. One nug I got a little bit but some nugs nothing. Any tips?

  3. Just an FYI for anyone thinking about trying this — the yield is going to be incredibly small, and the process is stinky, more so than smoking in some respects. So do it outside, or in a garage, if you’re concerned about stinking up your home.

    Be aware that you’re going to be taking large nuggets and destroying them to create tiny, tiny bits of wax. I’ve been a wax convert for almost 3 years now, and I’m so fond of wax that I’m seriously disappointed if I can’t get my hands on it for any period of time. It’s better than smoking in every respect, IMO. But if you have the means to buy professionally produced wax from a reliable and fair source, that’s by far the better route than trying to make it yourself with a hair iron.

    Also, “rosintech/rosin tech” means “rosin technique,” not “rosin technology” as so many people seem to think. Unless you’re doing it for fun, or have lots of stuff to waste, leave it to the pros.

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    1. Yes or ran thru an alcohol wash to use for edibles smoking it does taste funky i crumble it into a fresh bowl to improve taste

      1. What? That was the thc u just extracted from the bud. Thats like using a vaporizer then taking the bud out and smoking it. Its completely void of anything that’s worth smoking

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    The Cheap, Easy and Non-Explosive Way to Make Dabs at Home

  7. Break off the plastic around the elements and stick them in a vice and just put anough pressure to keep it all together turn it on wait till u hear any sound from the weed/bubble hash and then crank the vice as tigh as u possible can and as fast as u can and then take it out and u should get between 30% to 50% yeild from bud and 70% to 90% with bubble hash the idea is to use pressure and heat to turn it into a liquid and gass at the same time resulting in the cleanes and purrest shatter

  8. I tried this and it didn’t work for me… nothing stuck to the wax paper and bud just became thin and brittle… did I do something wrong?

  9. love how u restated the steps again so weed be able to see n not search for the steps from the page. you mg good sir know your audience

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