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Woman Arrested After Christmas Tree Turns Out To Be Giant Pot Plant

50-year-old Angelica Navarro Pereira was reportedly busted by Chilean police last week after they discovered her Christmas tree was really just a six-and-a-half foot pot plant surrounded by presents (though the plant seemed to be presents enough for all). RT en Espanol obtained the video of her arrest and questioned a spokeswoman stationed on the perimeter of the house who remarked: “Una de las características de este procedimiento que llama singularmente la atención es que la persona mantenía una de estas plantas cómo árbol de adorno decorativo y alrededor, por supuesto, se encuentran diferentes regalos.” In English, this roughly translates to the fact that she was baffled by how strikingly well-decorated the marijuana plant was. Classic.

Her neighbor told the media that Pereira had excitedly told her only days ago that “her children were going to really enjoy Christmas this year and that she had the best tree in the world.” While curious, the neighbor said she had not yet seen the “tree,” which she now thought explained a lot. Pereira was ultimately arrested with £2,500 in cash, 21 cannabis plants, two homemade shotguns and 29 bags of drugs, according to Metro UK.

Check out these Chilean Grinches getting green with envy for her glorious plant as they sadly take it away from her:

P.S. Don’t think we don’t know every single one of you has thought about doing this!

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