Flying Nuns: CBD Cultivating Sisters Oppose Potential Medi-Pot Ban

With the central California city of Merced seeking a blanket ban on medical marijuana growing, a pair of cannabinoid-cultivating "nuns" dubbed "the Sisters of the Valley" are seeking a resolution to continue to produce their CBD-based products that medicate without intoxication.

As reported by KFSN, the Merced city council is being pressured by the primarily conservative town to outlaw all medi-ganja gardening before new statewide regulations are enacted on March 1, 2016. Any city or county without cultivation regulations of their own by that date will forfeit complete cultivation licensing authority to the state of California.  

Sister Kate, and her apprentice Sister Darcey, celebrated their one-year anniversary producing pot meds with the coming of the new year. Sister Darcey characterized the looming ban to KFSN as "frustrating to me because there are all of these people with negative attitudes about something (cannabis) that is truly God's gift."

Despite donning typical nun's garb such as habits, the sisters are not Catholic or affiliated with any organized religion. Rather, as they explain on their website, they utilize spiritual practices to enhance their cultivation of CBD—the non-psychoactive healing cannabinoid generated in specifically bred strains, such as Charlotte's Web. For example, the sisters only prepare their medicine according to moon cycles in accordance with ancient traditions and knowledge. Kate and Darcey grow a modest number of plants in the garage of their shared Merced residence.

"We spend no time on bended knee, but when we make our medicine it's a prayerful environment," Sister Kate explained about their process.

The sisters sell their products via the handcraft market website Etsy and offer CBD oil, salves and tinctures.  

"We make CBD oil, which takes away seizures," Sister Kate said. "And we make a multi-purpose salve… It cures migraines, hangovers, earaches, diaper rash, (and) tooth aches."

The sisters have even had some viral success, with ersatz "music videos" created to display their cannabis craft.

Sister Kate is keeping the faith that the Merced City Council will allow them to cultivate and create their healing medicine.

"Embrace, regulate and tax, that's all we want them to do," she said.

Amen, sisters!

(Photo Courtesy of The Free Thought Project)

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