This University Leads the Way in Veterinary CBD Treatment

This University Leads the Way in Veterinary CBD Treatment
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In case you missed it, the first Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine Symposium took place in Colorado recently, wherein pet owners, veterinary professionals, and physicians discussed a rapidly evolving field: veterinary CBD treatment for pets.

After all, if cannabidiol (CBD) relieves arthritis caused by inflammation in humans, wouldn’t it help our four-legged friends?

Cannabis And Canines

“We have diseases that we don’t have treatments for that work, so there’s a problem. A solution to that problem is trying to find a solution that does work, so we are always searching,” said Dr. Stephanie McGrath, a neurologist who spent her career treating seizure disorders, inflammatory brain diseases, and spinal cord disorders.

She is currently leading a Colorado State University study on veterinary CBD treatment of epilepsy and osteoarthritis in dogs.

McGrath told the conference that some three to five percent of all dogs have genetic epilepsy and 14 million dogs are affected by arthritis, per Westword.

Both of these illnesses, which afflict millions of humans, are successfully being treated with CBD.

In the case of epilepsy, GW Pharmaceutical’s CBD-derived Epidiolex, nearing FDA approval, has been shown to significantly reduce convulsive seizures, especially in children.

So, Why Not Dogs?

To participate in McGrath’s canine osteoarthritis study, the dogs must have arthritis in one or more joints and a visible lameness for at least four weeks.

As in all such tests, a placebo is randomly administered, then switched back and forth to CBD. The dogs receive X-rays, daily pain assessment, blood tests and more.

The trials will provide veterinarians and dog owners around the world with factual research.

Final Hit: Veterinary CBD Treatment

While CBD-infused dog treats and oils are already available, and there has been extensive anecdotal evidence as to their effectiveness, unfortunately, the products cannot be tested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because the DEA has categorized CBD as a Schedule I controlled substance.

In the meantime, McGrath recommends Applied Basic Science Corporation as a safe place to get products for pets, in that she herself has tested them at Colorado State University.

For other CBD-infused pet products, McGrath says to check for a “Certificate of Analysis,” which indicates how much THC is in the product (it should never be over three percent) and how it was made.

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